The Appointment

It’s going down like I usually tell you!!  like 5 million low paid Britons  sometimes all of us are late.

It’s going down!! it’s not all love but some act like they’re smitten!!  sometimes it’s  due to regular scheduled programming or an appointment with fate.

Sometimes disappointed; it seems history was repeating!!  lately I’ve been out of sync!!  astrologers said blame it on Mercury retrograde.

Now it’s direct but there’s still no respect!! plus I missed an appointment!!  it led to a different chain of events or circumstances;  the illusion or charade?

Sometimes I feel anointed;  holding trump cards like spades!!  I get the last laugh.

Not like Donald Trump  or even Vladimir Putin trying to front hard;  please!!  egos get bruised and scarred!!  but this is not the last math.

Plus I’m not on the last path like Steve Nash!!  even though I dip down I-20 in Atlanta on the regular.

Feeling the last wrath when I’m subject to the authority?  please!! I continue to Clash With Titans!!   I’m through with them!! religious or secular.

They didn’t respect a brotha per Ferguson grand juries; whatcha know about me? that’s what  little “homie”  was heard saying!!!!

How was that working son? I was told to fall back!! will I miss my appointment? I  heard about the games they were playing!!!

Don’t call back they said!!! there’s no delaying!!! will I miss my appointment?  naw man!! plans are put into affect!!!!

**Plans Are Executed** even though the truth is disputed!! with the righteous? we’ll connect!!!!


Wide Track Pontiac Style

We kept it moving…we’re covering a lot of territory like the Mars Rover;  check out the wide track Pontiac style!

Coming through to tell the story;  the game is not over!! maybe for Miami..understand me?  sonic weapons I hid..I had to act another way…now check the style!

Coming through!!  soon Sonic Assaults are unleashed on the masses; I beseeched them to do the knowledge..some might be able to see what it do!

Others were caught up in the system / matrix by those that faked it;  tires screeched after brakes were waiting in the dark!!  vehicles broke down!!  asking a shadetree mechanic..what it do?

Brought up in Louisville  /Newburg…some slept on us but what we knew gets us over the hump!

…like the middle of the week ; we didnt merge with the weak..they were fronting like Donald Trump!

…as we get over the hump!!  the wide track Pontiac was taking up the whole street!

As we get over the hump..Pontiac Bonneville Brougham style!!  while the foul try to hit alt shift delete!

Beats thump!! plus  O-Zone lets you know what the deal is…Lethal Weapons were held like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson!

The streets? some  dump old green Newport packs and scratch off lottery tickets on the curb ..damn!! it was over..if thats how their living!

Were not acting brand new!! in the sport we keep our guards up!! we weren’t rope a doping like Muhammad Ali!

Plus we got it covered like a wide track Pontiac!! but like Bobby Bland we know theres no love in the heart of the city!

Its Like This and That / Letting It Do What It Do!!

Its like this and like that and a…whatcha know? as banks have their credit downgraded….I was told to recognize the pattern! 

Letting it do what it do…Intergalactic like Midnight Star’s Planetary Invasion!! rocking the world with science from Pluto, Mars and Saturn! 

…Plus Venus in Transit ….whats up with it? please!! were circulating..its time for transition! 

Devious ones had their gambit… they plotted and schemed; crimies were on a mission! 

Takeovers were hostile!!  fake ones claimed they had a hot style …but they make a negative impression!

Some were like Julian Assange..seeking asylum in Ecuador..but we knew the score…breaks are over; its time to put work in…letting it do what it do.. breakbeat science is dropped!! class is session! check out the rest of this article at Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Its Like This and That / Letting It Do What It Do!!.

We’re In Transition…This Is What It Do

This is what it do…we’re coming through..were in transition;  but its no Philadelphia brotherly love type of business! 

Acting like I knew….brothas are prime suspects; please!! were getting expelled like Syrian envoys…but these boys stay a step ahead of government informants! 

Revolutionary feelings laid dormant; but soon the Sonic Assault is unleashed!

Evolutionary processes? intelligent design? spiritual warfare is going down!! on Sunday brothas and sistas heard when the Pastor preached! 

This is no Green Acres / Green Pastures type of situation; tires screeched on the Chevy Impala after the drive by over in Decatur Georgia! 

Plus society still hates us; like Donald Trump with the birther issues; not a damn thing has changed!! don’t even start with a brotha! check out the rest of this article at  Random Thoughts From A Brotha: We’re In Transition…This Is What It Do.