Who Are They? Where Are They From?

Chilling down here in the ATL; sometimes the drama is like Damascus… some are caught up in the madness; I’m trying not to succumb!

 …..As I see jokers coming and going; here and there..to and fro;  so where are they from? 

Taking a loss like Microsoft…where did they get their game from? I wasn’t cut from that cloth! 

A Louisville / Newburg representative…funky fresh with it; I drunk the pimp juice, elixir or broth! 

Whats the deal? Charlotte / Mecklenburg influenced… down here in the A-Town doing whats conducive to survival! 

All up in the heart of it…the down south sun / bible belt; but I didn’t merge my Midwest style in upon my arrival! Check out the rest of this article at THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Who Are They? Where Are They From?.


I Told Them….I’ll See You When I See You

Little home had the old cliche for me; he said peace out!! I see you when I see you! 

Please!! I was busy going all out;  like Steve Arrington said nobody can be you but you!

Please!! the elder said nothing’s fair in love or war….word to baby boomers ready to retire….meanwhile I was busy letting it do what it do;  the process is natural! 

…Like osmosis some interfered with the natural process; like Arizona or Colorado they’ll start a fire… jokers think they have the God Particle…they thought they could fool mother nature! 

The celebrity or sorcerers apprentice had lethal doses; they were either Trumped or stumped…they couldn’t holla back atcha! 

The server was acting up…it had to be bumped…plus the source code was interfered with; it couldn’t be fixed by an Inspector with Gadgets! check out the rest of this article at …..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Told Them….I’ll See You When I See You.