Funky Disco House Mix By Cole 2021

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we come through on this Saturday morning…

…as it transitions into a Saturday afternoon; we’ll hit you up with this good word and a tune or two letting my people know what it do! it’s on once again!

Check us out as we’re O -Dog Day Partying trying to uplift the masses!

Check us out as we try to survive in the heart of this thing dropping this breakbeat science on my people per these seminars and classes. my people can make advances as this Funky Disco House Mix 2021 by Cole plays in the background!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we set this O-Dog Day Party off! we came back around with the sound!

Check this out at Funky Disco House Mix By Cole 2021

Funky House Mix By Cole 2021 (Black)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; we’re coming through, clear the runway..

Actually? our runway is out here on I-20 in Atlanta, our gateway to the universe as we reverse the curse, somebody will understand me!!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, it’ll make us pray and curse out here!

From dealing with Covid 19 to all these Trump insurgents on the scene? it’s rough out here!!

O-Dog Day Partying while we’re on the scene, beats bump check out how we work this!! listening to Funky House Mix By Cole 2021 (Black)

O-Dog Day Partying while we’re on the scene!! check the playlist and the mix!! we’re back!!


01. Crazibiza – Take It High (Original Mix)

02. Jack Truant – 1990 (Extended Mix)

03. DJ Vartan, Techcrasher – Assasin In The Club (Club Mix)

04. DJ Kone, Marc Palacios – Children (Original Mix)

05. Richard Grey, Lissat – Fu-Gee La (Diver City Remix)

06. Peter Brown – Love 2 The World (Original Mix)

07. Robbie Dox – Bemyne (The Cube Guys Remix)

08. The Cube Guys – I Love It (Club Mix)

09. Robbie Dox, T Boost – Dirty Bird (The Cube Guys Club Mix)

10. Din Jay – Moving to the Beat (Original Mix)




House Music All Night Long Sept 2019

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday / New Music Friday as we get all retro- futuristic with it..

Throwback Thursday? new music was played as we move forward, not looking backwards unless we’re doing the mathematics..

Hungry / Thirsty? still there, all the way back to my Cleveland Avenue in East Point / Atlanta days, riding down memory lane earlier..

Hunted / gathered after I started believing now on new boulevards and avenues rocking these venues; check out the work we do!!

So what it do? we’ll listen to House Music All Night Long Sept 2019,courtesy of DJ Steve Adams..

So what it do? we’re all up in the  house O-Dog Day Partying!! check out the playlist and the mix to see what’s up!! the verdict? this cat is jamming!!

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