DJ Cam Quartet – Raise Up

Sunday Jazz Continues, you’ll have to excuse a dude but you’ve caught me “cold chilling”

Sunday? it’s a day of reflection / internal inspection; The Seventh Day? I mentioned earlier, even there’s work to do but there’s no shady dealing!!

Running away from responsibilities? naw, but jokers were  disrespecting,  questioning the abilities but it’s going down at the proper time and place…

Gunning away!! sonic assaults will be launched connecting the dots as we deal with these!!  it’s going down at the proper time and place…

This is not hazardous material what we have is spiritual!! peeping game connecting the schemes / plots; told a devil he’ll have to raise up..

Back with this!! so what it do? we’re not sleeping in the game we’re jazz hopping; check out the players and the track, per listening to the DJ Cam Quartet with a track called Raise Up

Check this out at DJ Cam Quartet – Raise Up

The DJ Cam Quartet – Friends and Enemies

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! We’re checking out some jazzhop / future jazz per The DJ Cam Quartet with a track called  Friends and Enemies. Check out the players and the track!!

Scratches, Strings, Drums, and Programming – DJ Cam
Bugle – Alexandre Tassel
Guitar – Christian Brun
Bass – Jerome Regard
Keyboard – Eric Legnini