“No Words” (Soulful Instrumentals) Mixed by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out “No Words” (Soulful Instrumentals) Mixed by DJ Spivey. 

Per DJ Spivey?  “Every once and a while Something so beautiful will simply Stop You Dead in Your Tracks! When this happens Words just aren’t good enough to express how that moment truly Feels. This Set of Music is totally for Those Moments! “No Words” is a 80 minute (All Instrumental) Ride through this Incredible Genre we call House Music. No Vocals, No Spoken Words, just Good ‘Ole Fashioned Grooves. So Please set aside some time, find a scenic place and some Good Headphones and Enjoy This Music!!!”

0:00:00 Somewhere On a Beach by Geoffrey Williams
0:06:02 Sunset by Alex Alvarez
0:11:37 Running Around by Asymmetric Soul
0:17:52 Something Beautiful by Wil Milton
0:26:00 Give Me Your Trust (Instr.) by The Layabouts
0:32:14 Planting Trees (Funk Pass Instr.) by Mark Grant
0:36:45 Vimana (E.B.E Remix) by Tom Conrad
0:42:44 Desire (Jose Carretas Instr.) by Bopstar
0:49:14 Happiness (Instr.) by Quentin Harris & Ron Trent
0:56:40 For The love of You (Instr.) by Reelsoul
1:03:09 I Found You by Franco De Mulero & Hector Romero
1:10:19 Nature Love (Johnny Montana Mix) by Nature Love


Dream House Vol.8 (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this Dream House Vol.8 (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey…check out the playlist and the hot mix…

Dream House Volume 8:

0:00:00 Never Stop (Louie Vega Mix) by Duane Harden
0:06:51 Running to Love (Richard Earnshaw Remix) by Steven Stone
0:12:42 Love the Love (Montana & Stewart Instr.) by Lamp
0:17:53 Morning Light (MAQman Dub) by Mind Street feat. Jalley
0:24:37 I’m Not Perfect (RudeSoul Mix) by Trigo
0:30:00 Take Me Higher by True2Life
0:35:30 End of The Road by Lil’ Mark
0:40:22 Keep On Searching by Jorn Johansen
0:44:04 Time Stands Still by Tony Lionni feat. Robert Owens
0:50:20 Move Body, Move Forward by Paolo Rocco
0:54:40 Into You (Animal House Mix) by Danny Clark feat. Carla Prather
1:00:36 You Can’t Hide from Yourself (MKLT Vocal Mix) by Marc Evans
1:07:23 With All My Might (Sean McCabe Vocal) by Kenny Bobien
1:13:54 Praise Him (Reelsoul Mix) by Michelle Weeks & Scott Diaz

“One More for Madiba!” (South African House Music) Mixed by DJ Spivey

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some jazzy house / world music..with “One More for Madiba!” (South African House Music) Mixed by DJ Spivey

This is a tribute mix to Nelson Mandela..may he rest in peace…check out the playlist and the mix..
0:00:00 Mandela Memorial (Eulogy) by President Barack Obama
0:01:16 Tribute to Mandela (Original Mix) by Tsitso Deep
0:09:14 Freedom by I.T.Z. and The Freedom Fighters
0:14:40 Thousand Miles by El Nino & Young DJ
0:20:45 Mandela Love by Calvin Fallo
0:26:50 Freedom for All by Deeper Mas
0:34:00 One Heart One love by Blaq Venomous
0:37:00 Stimela (Black Coffee Remix) by Black Coffee
0:43:50 Afrikan People by Blaq Owl
0:51:24 Nibiru by Pap Spencer
0:57:48 Nelson Mandela by Sonic & Taste T
1:02:56 Voice of a Thousand Africans by DJ Qness
1:09:19 Oppression of Another by Trix


“Flight Time” (A Soulful House Music Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out some of this smooth house music ..

We’re listening to “Flight Time” (A Soulful House Music Mix) by DJ Spivey….check out the playlist and the mix….
0:00:00 Airport Gate Lounge by Essential Sound Effects
0:00:39 Higher Love by Chieko Kinbara feat. Josh Milan
0:07:41 Soul Saviour by Nina Provencal
0:13:51 U Are by DJ Garphie
0:20:24 Live On (Mark Grant Mix) by Wookie
0:26:29 You Turn Me Around (instr.) by Nature Love
0:33:09 More Vox by Samba & Ronilo
0:39:13 Still Water by Rocco feat. Khesny
0:45:21 Amazing by Manchildblack
0:52:30 New Beginning (Instr.) by Lem Springsteen
0:58:32 Count On Me by Wipe The Needle & CT Martin
1:05:31 Fly (Reel People Mix) by Tony Momrelle
1:11:30 Falling For You by Rocco feat. Ziyon
1:17:40 Hear The Sound (Louie Vega Mix) by Victor Davies
1:26:10 That Girl (Cuebur Remix) by Calvin Fallo
1:33:30 What’s On Your Mind by Jimmy Abner