They Had The Speed You Need

They were heard saying  “talk to me quick” ….study long and study seems they had a need for speed!

You heard?  fast and furious like Paul Walker….wannabe Pusha Ts thought you had a need for weed.

Or maybe coke..jokers go for and furious per Eric Holder?  names in the database / DEA or  NSA folder? was it  information overload?

Those that are curious moved at a high velocity…but with the speed you need ..but did they follow the street code?

Or were they furious? maybe similar to the “youts”  acting a fool up in Louisville?

I’m just cute is thuggery when keeping it revolutionary is the real deal?

I’m just curious…watching Louisville vs Kentucky in the NCAA tournament…will the need for speed prevail for the Ville or will the Wildcats overpower them?

I’m just curious…the apparatus will steal your aura…freedom? keep waiting..hopefully no need for speed.. like the Jacksons..Maybe Tomorrow..but the system will get foul with that..whose victimized? it could be the last hour for them…

I’m just their a fireshower for them and those? Curtis Mayfield said if there’s a hell below were all going to go…

How pure is it? what? the firewater..the Kentucky bourbon…or maybe the moonshine from the backwoods?  please!! we’re back in these hoods..check out how the economy will flow..

Is there a cure for it? Diana Ross said she didn’t want it per the Love Hangover…dude on Kentucky Street in Louisville was heard saying “I’m gonna get mine”  ..he smoked the backwoods for had him geeked up!! I saw him speed down Broadway in the Brown Bros. Cadillac…

Is there s cure for it? what? the need for speed!!  dude on the sample said you need to stop can’t catch what you can’t understand..that’s basic mathematics…

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