Dexter Wansel ‎– Time Is The Teacher

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out Dexter Wansel ‎– with Time Is The Teacher..from his Voyager album…it’s a nice piece / peace…check out the players and the track…


Dexter Wansel ‎– Voyager

Digital Crate Digging Continues…chilling out on a Friday Night after a rough week on the grind..

My mind is gone!! it feels like it left this solar system like the Voyager 1… now were checking out Dexter Wansel ‎– with his cut called Voyager…check out the players and the track…


Gabor Szabo – Keep Smiling

Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out this jazz / funk / rare groove track from  guitarist Gabor Szabo called Keep of his Nightflight album.

Nightflight was an album released by  Gábor Szabó,  1976. The song “Keep Smilin’.”  was considered the  biggest hit of his career. It was a remake of producer Bunny Sigler‘s  ..Check out the players and the track..

  • Gábor Szabó – guitar /     Bunndion Siggalucci – guitar, piano
  • Scotty Miller – drums  /  Johnnie McCann – conga, bongo  / Dexter Wansel – synthesizer