HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | Jan 15, 23

 Digital Crate Digging Continue on this Music Monday! it’s going down in conjunction with MLK Day!! we’re also O-Dog Day Partying!! it’s on once again!!

It’s going down!! oh yes!! the saga / struggle continues here on terra firma; who’ll work with a brotha? we’re out here on the frontlines of spiritual warfare, once again..

It’s going down!! the saga / struggle continues, even a so called player was asking have you seen her like Chi-lites, he was trying to front, flex  and floss for her..

Now other players are ready to go to war for her, but the sport is complex!! plus this world is cold like the polar vortex! they soon find out she was the daughter of chaos!!  yes, her!!

Yes sir!! violently / viciously is how the process will be!! so what’s up? the Sonic Assault is released in response, now thought, fashion and even morality police want to sweat the steelo; they want to give me a stress test like Trump did democracy with his insurrection!

Yes sir!! violently / viciously is how the process will be!! but we’re putting it down like this!! this good word is dropped and the O-Dog funk will bump in your section!!

Check out what we drop at the intersection, coming through with this HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | Jan 15, 23 courtesy of beyond72!

Check out the playlist and mix as we O-Dog Day Party to this!! this is what’s up / what it do!!


Immersif – Grands Bains

Sir Mos, DJ Conflict, ZarKeys – I Do Want You

Zulumafia – Verano (Down To Earth Mix)

Essential-I, Samantha Faison – Directions (Essential-I’s Deeper Mix)

ZuluMafia Feat. Samantha Faison – Dreams (ZuluMafia Deeper Instrumental Mix)

Lord KG, Studio Deep – Hallelujah

Deep Xcape – Thee Untold Stories (Main Mix)

Roque, Sabrina Chyld – How You’re Doing (Original Mix)

DJ Feevos – Be With Us (Original Mix)

Dj Lucky Santiago – Paper Thin (Dj Lucky Santiago Vocal Mix)

Elbee Bad – New Age House

DJ Jacko, Chelsea Como – Closer (Blackkdraft Mix)

Nastee Nev – Tribute To Ally (Main Mix)

Peter Mac – Feeling On Top (Roque Martinez Sax Mix)


Lounge Beats – Deep Jazzy House

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out as we proceed and continue on this Fall day in Atlanta..

We’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Chilling out, low key almost anti-social as I keep masking and social distancing in the midst of this Covid 19 pandemic!

Excuse me, I’m lounging not out in these streets unless the moves are essential; doing the mathematics!

Lose me is what I told haters,? I’m checking out Lounge Beats – Deep Jazzy House Mix per DJ Dimsa!

Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon cruising or doing what I’m doing, lounging listening to this smooth mix! check out the track list and the mix bruh..

Check this out at Lounge Beats – Deep Jazzy House

Summer Chill Out – Deep Jazzy & Soulful House Mix 2018

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is here, and so is this edition of  digital crate digging..

Good or bad day? let the music play!! check out the sonic behavior modification..

Good or bad day?  due to adversity in their relations “little homie”  in the Chevy Impala at the Quik Trip over on Panola Road in Lithonia was spazzing!!

Having a bad day!! somebody got foul with them,  now they say they’ve peeped game and there’s no loyalty!! boy please!! your dealing with sonic royalty!!  dropping funk / housing and  jazzing…

Also hip hopping, we weren’t stopping! but at the moment we’re listening to Summer Chill Out – Deep Jazzy & Soulful House Mix 2018

It’s courtesy of LTB Music ; check out the playlist and the mix!! it’ll help us get our minds right on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday when this good house music is playing!!

00:00 Mina Jackson & Born To Funk – Usay (Jonny Montana Instrumental Mix)

06:30 Deep Xcape – Stories (Original Mix)

14:20 Andrei Swipe – 10 Days Only

21:30 Crazy P – One True Light

26:30 Groove Cocktail Ft. Nathalia – One Love (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Remix)

34:05 TDJ Feat. Romy – With You (Intrigue Dub Extended)

39:30 Mina Jackson & Born To Funk – Usay (Ross Couch Illusive Vocal Mix)

45:30 Alan Barrat – King Of Rock

52:45 Deep Active Sound – Sleeping (Houseriders Remix)