Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Nine)

 Check us out as we come through on this Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

Check us out, we’re still  collecting scattered thoughts as we navigate these treacherous waters  / find our way!

The elders told us there’s nowhere to run or hide, especially when that “forked tongue” lingo was utilized.. politicians; they’ll try to expel us from the proceedings like the Tennessee Three, soon reinstated? an elephant in the room? soon a lack of oxygen!

Outliers and harbingers up next? while collecting scattered thoughts I realized “if it ain’t one thing its another” so yeah, don’t be surprised!

Like the Louisville bank shooting with that infamous AR-15 are there more unwanted promised tragedies? someone will introduce a curse or karma is unlocking them! 

Digital Crate Digging Continues as Brotha O kept rocking them but hustles? some are knocking them dude even mentioned people need a side hustle!

Digital? analog, old school  / new school  / next school? this economy is messed up like food companies with high profits while inflation is up but Brotha O is wise to the set up  as I collect these scattered thoughts to exercise my mental muscle!

But, as I mentioned while collecting scattered thoughts I was hip to the hustle knock even as these Ron DeSantis and Trump forked tongue types apparently have the stories twisted.

Soon? time will reveal like DeBarge to the game they’ll make a charge slipping / sliding! that abyss of truth is visited!

So whats the deal? it’s an unfamiliar habitat, I guess them jokers  can  blame it on the bad habit!Now acting peculiar around the truth, soon out here acting uncouth all up in the grip of it!


Change Of Scenery (Part Ten) Concepts Revisited

Comfort zones get uncomfortable, check it out!  it even goes down on this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here! soon it’ll be time for a change of scenery! 

It’s all part of a bigger plan, some will say part of the Master’s Plan; the gospel song by the Miami Mass Choir says what’s meant for me is for me…

…and you too so what it do? these earthlings get slick with it / sick with it! I heard the sovereign promises made to the so called sovereign citizens of the commonwealth!

Here in Kentucky, maybe Virginia or even Great Britain! by the monarchy / royalty some were smitten but lack of solidarity and loyalty led to the Trump insurrection due to moves that were so called stealth.

What will the style be? it’s all about freedom, aided by a change of scenery? naysayers mention y’all are having those misty dreams.

Pieces of a dream satisfied some, not just the group dropping the funk on this Flashback Friday but the actual dream, but others had plots / schemes. 

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Nobody Was Checking For It (Part Ten)

 It’s going down! Seasons / Reasons change  similar to Aries season shifting to Taurus season!

It’s going down but who’s checking for it? who’s for or against us? exhibited by the treason?

Any serious charges for the January 6th Trump insurrection? time will reveal like the Debarges!

Who’s checking for it? watching Minneapolis per the Derek Chauvin trial concerning George Floyd; conviction for the charges?

Who’s checking for it? players from Louisville to here  in the ATL said charge it to the game when things go sideways!

Disrespecting it? what, the game!  things can go either way on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!

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The Battle (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

It’s the ultimate boxing match; Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier Thrilla in Manilla? but check the behavior!! good and evil are pitted against each other..

What’s up with it? back in the day? up  in downtown Louisville a  pigeon shitted on my Kangol!! damn!! it dissed a brotha..

It was an omen / as I provide an omen; word from the Brotha OMANXL1;

Some haven’t Stopped Hatin; throwing more shade than Fifty Shades Of Grey!! but this brotha is not the one…

Some haven’t stopped debating irrelevant issues; some approach this brotha  asking questions, they beseech!!

Unconventional wisdom is provided by 0-Zone; while dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie?  the tires screech..

Crime prevention like McGruff making a difference?  it’s like The Debarge joint; Time Will Reveal…

Mentioned earlier that it’s rough out here!!  Meanwhile this parallel dimension dwella is trying to chill…

That’s the deal!!  laying in the cut; Visualizing The Sequence!! then dropping science like Philip Levine the former poet laurette R.I.P!!  now haters are  peeping the steelo…

Ended up being pulled on the frontlines!! winning dunk contest like Zach LaVine!!  no longer incognegro..

Doing it for the vine? If There’s A Hell Below?  We’re All Gonna Go; word from Curtis Mayfield…

An ATLien said Play On Player!!  step your game up; you have to play the field..

Playing it above and below par; similar to John Daly or Tiger Woods..

The Battle continues!! playing it above and below the radar; but things are tight in the suburbs and hoods..