Raphael Saadiq – Be Here ft. D’Angelo

DigitalĀ  Crate Digging Continues on that Throwback Thursday type of spectrum..

The saga / struggle continues of course; it goes back and in the future? I’m expecting it..

Not being pessimistic, word from a cat who’s retro-futuristic!! I’m being real about this thing…

Now lets get back to this music, it’s conducive to the healing process; dealing with this thing..

Listening to the real thing!! checking out this track from Raphael Saadiq called Be Here ft. D’Angelo…

Listening to the real thing!! some good soul music!! these cats are rocking it!! check the flow..

J Dilla – So Far To Go (feat. Common and D’Angelo)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per The Saturday Night Fever!! We’re listening to some J Dilla with a track calledĀ  So Far To Go (feat. Common and D’Angelo).

For those who want to vibe on the instrumental I have it here!! Check them both out: Let’s Go!!

The Next Chapter: The Saga / Struggle Continues

O-Zone is telling you about the next chapter; as the saga / struggle continues.

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The Next Chapter: The Saga / Struggle Continues.