Famine Or Feast PT.2 / Back Away From The Buffet

The thrill was gone per BB King and Lucille; so what’s up?  now some know the deal.

It can be famine or feast!!  plus some might need to back away from the buffet  as these concepts are combined!!  when I bring the real…

Haters are damning these if I do or don’t because I came back with a play that they couldn’t feel.

Some are understanding because they’re looking at it with a fresh view / fresh vision;  now some know the deal.

Some are understanding; time will reveal like Debarge!!  famine or feast will be the by-product.

Meanwhile I backed away from the buffet because I  was trying to chill; I wasn’t large and in charge to say the least!! that’s  for those that question my conduct.

I conduct myself in an orderly fashion!!  but Iwas defiant like Hercules so  that will still get my kind in trouble!!

I told shorty I was just doing what I do or acting like I knew!!  but who will work with these?  I’m out of fashion or out of pocket!! I’m an outside the boxer so it’ll get me in trouble…

The corrupt were influenced by the thought and fashion police;  damn!!  it’s easy to see how they do.

Some ask what’s up? Sonic Assaults were part of the story unfolding as we speak  as I continue doing what I do!!

So what’s up? it can be famine or feast like no peace in the Middle East  per the Gaza Strip or even in Chicagoland

I backed away from the buffet as concepts are combined like a combo meal from your favorite fast food restaurant; somebody might understand…