Danger Zone Type Of Business (Part Nine )

Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? we’re out here broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!  it’s at the end of the bus route, we’re out in the woods.

Damn! it’s like we’re at the end of the galaxy!! like Trump Insurrections and Russian Ukraine excursions the vibe is not right, foul is how it’ll be!! danger zone type of business conducted out here? it’s desolate, even the white picket fences are gone.

Aphotic circumstances? waiting in the dark? damn!! not even streetlights to hang out under like in the hoods.

Way way out here! for some it’s business as usual / the daily routine but not for long! it’s easy to become collateral damage out here in this danger zone!

Some parts of the Atlanta metro area? bustling as white picket fences surround the estate!

Some hearts broken in the Atlanta area! silver over charcoal strategy but circumstances determine the fate.

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Danger Zone Type Of Business (Part Eight)

We’re coming through on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

Especially in this danger zone, check out the ongoing business like red states vs blue states! check out some of these jokers play!

In this danger zone?  check out how we’re all caught out there with all the walking wounded.

Wounded warriors trying to heal scars now considered collateral damage? used / abused and then discarded.

Damn! what’s really going on like my satellite station? like the Trump Insurrection it seems the plot / scheme was very elaborate!

Business as usual in this danger zone, I had to sever ties with some; the drama? I’m not having it!

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Danger Zone Type Of Business (Part Five)

Even on this Sunday morning we’ll proceed and continue with these survival tactics per this danger zone type of business!

The system is still “buking and scorning” check the menu provided by hell’s kitchens, some of y’all know what the deal is!

Don’t get me wrong! life is beautiful, oh yes! but please believe me it has its moments.

Felt consternation, per Steve Miller “time keeps on ticking ticking into the future”; the clock is the opponent.

We’re working it all out, we’ll keep rocking it but our we behind schedule? dreams I try to fulfill.

But even though there’s hustle knocking there’s revelry per my accomplishments; check out our Sunday Jazz or even the O-Dog Day Party! now that’s the real deal!

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