They Had The Speed You Need

They were heard saying  “talk to me quick” ….study long and study seems they had a need for speed!

You heard?  fast and furious like Paul Walker….wannabe Pusha Ts thought you had a need for weed.

Or maybe coke..jokers go for and furious per Eric Holder?  names in the database / DEA or  NSA folder? was it  information overload?

Those that are curious moved at a high velocity…but with the speed you need ..but did they follow the street code?

Or were they furious? maybe similar to the “youts”  acting a fool up in Louisville?

I’m just cute is thuggery when keeping it revolutionary is the real deal?

I’m just curious…watching Louisville vs Kentucky in the NCAA tournament…will the need for speed prevail for the Ville or will the Wildcats overpower them?

I’m just curious…the apparatus will steal your aura…freedom? keep waiting..hopefully no need for speed.. like the Jacksons..Maybe Tomorrow..but the system will get foul with that..whose victimized? it could be the last hour for them…

I’m just their a fireshower for them and those? Curtis Mayfield said if there’s a hell below were all going to go…

How pure is it? what? the firewater..the Kentucky bourbon…or maybe the moonshine from the backwoods?  please!! we’re back in these hoods..check out how the economy will flow..

Is there a cure for it? Diana Ross said she didn’t want it per the Love Hangover…dude on Kentucky Street in Louisville was heard saying “I’m gonna get mine”  ..he smoked the backwoods for had him geeked up!! I saw him speed down Broadway in the Brown Bros. Cadillac…

Is there s cure for it? what? the need for speed!!  dude on the sample said you need to stop can’t catch what you can’t understand..that’s basic mathematics…

Check Out  The Intergalactic High Velocity Mix






William Parker – If There’s a Hell Below

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out bassist  William Parker  and his version of Curtis Mayfield‘s If There’s a Hell Below….

This is from the – I Plan To Stay A Believer (The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield) album by Mr. Parker from 2010…of course a tribute album to Mr. Mayfield…

Check out the players and the track…

bass William Parker  / piano Dave Burrell  /   drums Hamid Drake 

trumpeter Lewis Barnes / saxophonist Darryl Foster and and Sabir Mateen,

percussionist Guillermo E. Brown. / vocals Leena Conquest

Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up (Extended Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this real soul music from Curtis Mayfield …with his classic cut Move On Up…listening to it closely…noticed it has a jazzy /drum and bass feel to it around the 4 minute mark…

I Was Telling Them…You’ll Get Played…

Gamblers were out for a fast buck…rolling like the White House…Fast and Furious?  its easy to get played!

I saw crooked  Bernie Madoff / Ezra Merkin types  dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in a fast truck..hows your luck?  now progress is delayed!

How’s  that working for you? now nerves are frayed…shot;  everybody’s stressed out due to the economy!

In Decatur..the Buick Regal swerves the block …one step ahead of the Dekalb Police…now the block is sprayed;  little homie said damn they’re on to me!

A hater was rolling with legal eagles down here in Georgia…they questioned him like Alex Trebek whose sick..hope he gets well…but some were sleeping with the enemy!

Politicians debate irrelevant issues….while the average citizen felt the pressure….some will test ya… fake ones even  try to befriend me!

Meanwhile Islamists win elections in Egypt..the Muslim Brotherhood is represented by Mohammad Morsi…of course the course will be a rough one to play like Tiger Woods lately…recognize what it do; you’ll get played!

Even if you win championships like Lebron James there’s always going to be something…who can see through the lies / the smoke and mirrors during the ongoing horrors and terrors? as these  roles are played!

As we push the envelope..put a stamp on it!!…no shame is the strategy of one “trying to get over” like Curtis Mayfield singing the theme song of Super Fly…

As we peep game..scoping out the landscape…playing the field like Willie Mays making basket catches on the fly…

As we peep game…your a damn lie I told one!! ..the saga / struggle continues…this is not the Legend of Korra..

I was telling them….you’ll get played….its like Bin Laden…eventually you’ll have to leave those know the score…


The Progress Report

Lance Armstrong finishing 3rd in Sète, taking ...
Lance Armstrong finishing 3rd in Sète, taking over the Yellow Jersey at Grand Prix Midi Libre 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So whats really going on?  I’m caught in a moment of time;  whats the prognosis?

As I analyze the information….running the race like Lance Armstrong…doping part of the transformation?  will I change methods to the madness;  how will I approach this?

The mothership was the mode of transportation. rolling like the asteroid 2012 LZ1….as I recognize the pattern; I might coach this another way..all up in this sport!

As a brotha gets scientific….I just got back from Pluto, Mars and Saturn;  so whats the progress report?

Physical and emotional scars were worn by these earthlings;  reality was

A view of Tiger Woods as he walks off the 8th ...
A view of Tiger Woods as he walks off the 8th green at Torrey Pines during this morning’s practice round at the 2008 U.S. Open in San Diego, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

bruising and battering egos!

Word from Logistics!!  Reality Checkpoints had long lines full of Arabs, Asians, Whites, Latinos and Negroes!

Blacks or African Americans? whats the swag /steelos..whats the definition?

The satellite tracks our every move even when we say were on a mission!

But we keep pushing like an Impression;  word from Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield!

Check this progress report …like Tiger Woods…a brotha will continue to play the field!

Check this hot mess from this hot messenger;  as we keep it moving...refusing to stop or yield!

Check the structure  we build;  based in the solid rock foundation!

God is blessing us!!  the main theme of this progress report; as we drop this good word and sound on the world / nation…