Satellite Station Transmissions PT .4 Outside The Box With a Small Army

As O-Dog brings the War Drum,  O-Zone has the Good Word; these are the main weapons used by this Small Army; nothing strange about this,  but haters say it’s hazardous material!

Frontines for spiritual warfare are everywhere!! not just Bangkok is Dangerous!! the medicine we have is spiritual..

What it do? we’re everywhere from Johannesburg to Louisville / Newburg!! worldwide like the Solar Impulse!! even intergalactic from Pluto to Mars!!  while I was *Out There*  I spotted satelites trying to clock this…

What it do? we didn’t merge with the apparatus!!  the mothership was powered by solar panels!! now O-Dog chops up beats from Impulse Records!! A brotha is trying to get his hustle on, but haters try to knock this..

Now,  due to lights blinking on the instrument panel I’m back down to earth, right on time since I’m the  salt of the earth!!  not slick with this; The Hot Message will make you humble…

What’s it all worth? insights are dropped, but who will understand a bruh  as snares hit and the bass will rumble?

During these championship fights haters want me to stumble; they want to see these Gods and Kings  make The Exodus..

SAE racist chants from Oklahoma leave a pungent odor like ammonia!! my people bear witness to what pressure is…

*Bae* acted like she didn’t know a player!! brothas  soon felt what  pressure is; like Putin and his peeps rolling up on Ukraine!!  it’s rough on the Crimean Peninsula!!

Jokers will try to play ya like Republicans sending letters to Iran undermining foreign policy;  does that make sense to ya?

Not playing!!  this Sonic Defender was Out There / Outside The Box; Extra Terrestrial!!

Crash landed,  fiery descent back to earth from the International Space Station!! with a small army we respond to the instigation  with more funk for ya…


Get It Together PT. 8

*just trying to lay in the cut*

Just trying to lay in the cut; I’m all about peace!!  but is there any?

Please!! I might have mentioned earlier; it seems a black man can’t have any...

Chilling!!  but the enemy rolled up on me like they were at  Jihadi John aka Mohammed Emwazi’s house!!  *They Were Going Crazy*

Some of these people are *Confused About Things*  throwing salt into the game!!  It’s Shady Like Grady...

They need to get it together!!  meanwhile we cruised down I-20 in Atlanta mane!! wondering about the deal in Ukraine!! some  said it’s about energy..

Whatcha know man? ExxonMobil or Conoco Phillips?  it’s all about that oil;  feel me?

Meanwhile the economy deals me a bad hand; actually *Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck*  did..

I was told to *Get It Together*   / *Nobody loves you when your down and out* / Bobby Womack said that; how bad did your luck get?

I was told  *Good Luck With That*  but O-Zone is not with it; I Refuse to let them play me!!  me and O-Dog put together a Small Army..

We’ve Got It; Armed and Dangerous!!  dropping funk is our top priority..

The plot and scheme will get ugly, the one perpetrated by friends and strangers per Ronnie Laws!!  but it’ll fall apart per Adrian Peterson….

We’ll get a second chance but check the debatable circumstance; being built or torn down? get it together!! or we’ll be back on the street again!!

Get It Together PT.7 (How Were They Trying To Act?)

*how were they trying to act???*

How did they try to act?  some were faking it!! like they were down with your *homie*

How did they try to act? fronting on me like Rajon Rondo vs Rick Carlisle but I’m not like Chris Paul / Cliff Paul in the argyle!! jokers were trying to act like they know me…

*Frontin*  and  not knowing things are Holy; G-O-D is running things….

At the end of the day? like Americans joining ISIS some of these folk are Confused About Things…

Me and O-Dog used things; we had beats and rhymes aka The Sword Of Truth!!  we’re *Armed and Dangerous*

Where you at?  trying to maintain like you were in Ukraine? so what’s the environment?  hope there’s no Ecological Ignorance…

Some are feeling the pain after dealing with Boko Haram soon repelled by Goodluck Jonathan?

What’s up with that? good luck with that!! back in the day in the Sheppard Square projects up in Louisville? big homie jacked the crap game / it’s the season..

It’s always open season; storms approach all year around; not just now..

We’re not out of the woods yet!!  do the what / when / where and how..

Do the knowledge; *Some Are Confused About Things*  they tried to live without light..

They were out of it!! they were waiting in the dark!! they need to get it together!! It’s not natural!!  like us dropping this BreakBeat Science without insight…

*Get Your Mind Right*  or be just like others That Are Going Crazy…

Victimized after they didn’t Recognize? they didn’t  Break It Down!! not  seeing that the game was *Shady Like Grady*

It didn’t amaze me; like Republicans vs Obama concerning immigration I already knew how those folk were going to act…

…Letting you know others *Were Confused About Things*  knowledge is dropped on the O-Dog track..