They Didn’t Know What To Do

The saga / struggle continues;  it’s like renewed drama in Iraq!! some folk didn’t know what to do!!

They were already out here paying the price;  damn!!  what else did they want from you?

Clark Howard mentioned price gouging!!  now corporate CEOs are lounging with proceeds offshore.

Dwight Howard or Tim Duncan posted up down low!!  but these point guards are going off!!  check the score.

Dwight Howard and James Harden were going off on their own but will there be repercussions?

Did Dwight Howard and James Harden scare Chris Bosh away!! the last hour will get ugly; some won’t know what to do!! O-Deezy brought out the percussions!!

Oh!! I heard the discussions!!  fighting a coward?  check the door for the smash and grab!!  in the ATL?  they’ll roll up in a white church van.

It was stolen from the neighborhood Baptist church down the street from the neighborhood liquor store;  so what’s up man?

Whatcha knowing? some understand  it’s down the street from the greasy chicken spot.

Whatcha knowing? cholesterol is now high!!  leading to heart attacks and strokes !! some jokers will flip like it’s the Gaza Strip!! is it part of the scheme or plot?

Word from Edward Snowden protected by the Russians? it’ll get the best of y’all!!  now some don’t know what to do.

Like the Ukraine gaffled by Russians the apparatus is stressing y’all!!  damn !! what did they want from you?


Sonic Assault Attack Zone Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues; A lot of drama is jumping off in this world. Planes shot down in the Ukraine;  the Gaza Strip getting raided!!    Chicago is the murder capital of America?

All this madnes has the Brotha O-Dog aka O-Dizzle bringing the Sonic Assault. We’re chilling in the Attack Zone…aka the lab..sharpening are weapons…snares, kick drums and 808s…plus obscure samples. Check out some other Sonic Assault tracks at…14_30_54-07_00 and at…14_47_40-07_00 …check me out y’ I put it down like this…

Good Help Was Hard To Find

We’re out here!!  the saga / struggle continues;  but like no Texas Longhorns taken in the NFL Draft good help was hard to find.

Like I said…the saga / struggle continues;  some are just realizing that it’s rough out here!!  it’s hard on their mind.

Some were misled…waiting in the dark..they didn’t realize they would have to elevate their game.

…take it to another level!!  like dealing with Vladimir Putin relationships were fake!!  as we deal with another devil!!  they soon realize that it’s all game.

This brotha gets scientific;  the mothership is rolling as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta..or just circling the block trying to see what it do.

Like Johnny Manziel sliding in the NFL draft…I couldn’t find anybody to work with me!! damn!! good help is hard to find!!  I see others didn’t know what it do.

Peeping game; I was hip to the harsh conditioning…please!! as I keep mentioning?  it’s rough out here!!

Who’s sleeping in the game?  slipping into darkness like that joint by seems I might have too far to go just to get there.

Get where?  to a safe haven / safe harbor…but the mothership is rolling!! even though  I’m down to less than a quarter of tank of gas.

Hatred? Donald Sterling types harbor…some jokers play it safe..they say they “ain’t misbehaving” .. but I saw them dip down Broadway in Louisville in the old “duece and a quarter” …it was Derby Weekend;  they were playing this.

Meanwhile I had to pray about this; only the Lord can help me…good help is hard to find!!.. it’s rough out here!!  but were trying to put it down like this.

Check the style..breakbeat scientific with it…spiritual warfare is still going down!!  as we continue to fight this.

Taking Off The Wrapper PT.5

Dealt with this concept Donald Sterling talking that talk… these peeps are still acting brand new.

What’s up with it? it seems like we’re in a Twilight Zone per Rod Serling..but it’s O-Zone is swerving down I-20 in Atlanta..acting like he knew..

What’s up with it? what it do? it’s like some took the wrapper off..meanwhile we use this math to go off !! teaching some a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack…some folk don’t have a clue.

Debatable circumstances have some feeling like they’re being built or torn down..what’s really going on? like Chamillionaire vs  Michael Jordan, who took the wrapper off? who’s acting brand new?

What it do? down here in the ATL? sideways glances were peeped out;  jokers look like they want to slap off my Louisville Cardinals hat!!  like they’re mad because I didn’t go along with the program.

O-Dizzle makes advances…not missing free throws like Patrick Patterson and John Wall..Universtity of Kentucky  not looking too good!!  but what’s up with me?   dropping the brand new funk!!  O-Dizzle wasn’t into the slow jam.

..dropping this intergalactic funk..O-Dizzle too hood? too futuristic?  that’s what he was told..but he refused to resign like South Korea’s prime minister because of the ferry boat disaster..

Hip hopping, jazzing it up and housing it..the by product from the attack zone!! check the sonic assault from the minister of defense..rising up ..we’re on the brink of disaster..

O-Zone is not acting brand new ya…this is no reality show man even though I’m in the ATL.

Danger zone business is conducted like were in the Ukraine mane!!  jokers were acting brand new like they took the wrapper off..they want to see a bruh fail.

What’s going on? a snitch will run and tell that …now the block is hot per Lil Wayne..

What’s going on? somebody took the wrapper off..the masses fell for that..meanwhile I’m trying to maintain…

From Easter Outfits / Suits to Haz-Mat Suits

..Started this thread or concept on Good the whole spectrum is covered.

It’s not all good..I heard the lie per the so called Supreme Court upholding Michigan’s affirmative action ban…was the flame smothered?

It’s not all good..I heard the lie..they said it was a team sport..but like GM’s ignition switch fiasco lawsuits will have some covered..

What’s good? haters rock Haz -Mat suits compared to the new outfits and suits seen on Easter Sunday..old girl said by the blood of the lamb we’re covered.

A joker that loots the treasury chilled up in Waffle House!! the  hash browns?  scattered, smothered, and covered;  eating good in the hood.

Some play me like Vladimir Putin and his peeps rolling up on Ukraine..disputes with this brotha make some jump to the conclusion that I’m still hood.

So what’s good? Vlade Divac or Blake Griffin flopping?  please!!… not this hazardous material per the naysayers.

This is no deliberate falsehood!!  what we have is spiritual!! we’re not stopping!! damn!!  shorty was surprised that I said prayers.

Like I said earlier..I’m still hood but other layers were added due to college education plus bumping heads with the apparatus.

Chilling in the ATL…but this is no reality show!! even though on Facebook,  Twitter and Tumblr you can check the status.

I’m back at this after hitting the rumble strip…but I’m not flipping out.

This is not hazardous material..what we have is spiritual per Easter suits and need to pull the Haz -Mat suits out.


They Were Playing Me The Other Way PT.2

So what’s up? I’m still fighting this spiritual warfare like a real warrior..but damn!!  I can see they’re still trying to play me the other way.

I know what’s up!! like the Ultimate Warrior I’ve been here!!  I didn’t arrive just the other day.

I do play things another way Vladimir Putin..but the truth? I’m not disputing.. I carry the sword…I guess that gets me in trouble.

…Plus the arch nemesis likes to roll up on the premises!! like Russia in the Ukraine… making the stress double.

I know what the deal is!! so I’m just trying to maintain…actually?  per Isaiah 61:7 we’re getting blessed double  for the trouble!!  ….but I’m just saying.

I know what the deal is!! playing point guard like Isiah Thomas back in the day..going through the process is rough!!  so I’m just praying.

Dealing with the deliberate falsehood per Aunt Jemima and Uncle Thomas types from back in the day….. jokers act false in the hood!! jokers were  playing me the other way…

What’s the deal with it?  it’s all good per searchers for Flight 370 from Malaysia picking up pings from the black box..after playing it another way…

What’s the deal with it?  we continue to fight…the funk plays for ya plus this good word is also straight from the attack zone…

What’s the deal with it? we continue to fight…staying on point like South Korea tracking North Korea drones..

Bass, treble and tone is adjusted…plus the apparatus wasn’t trusted ..I’m staying on point..I kept track of a clone..they’ll make your heartbleed…

Once again it’s on…that’s what’s up with this!! I see I’m not the one anointed..they were playing me the other way..but will this good word will be dropped and will the funk play? true indeed..






A Wind Advisory Was Issued..But That Could Be A Good Thing

Winds of change are blowing….like no justice no peace?. …check the catch phrase / cliché.

Actually?  it’s not strange…weather forecasters issued a wind advisory for Atlanta  yesterday!

Actually?  it’s not strange…that could be a good thing..some fresh air would help..the atmosphere is toxic

Reality checks are cashed out here in the danger zone!! like Kim Jong-Un flexing..soon  karma catches up with those that swagged , fronted , and flaunted!

Check me out…now..earlier they weren’t checking for this brotha;  I mentioned that  before.. that could be a good thing!

Winds of change are blowing..good!! they can miss me with all that chaos and that’ll be a good thing!

It’s not the end of the day they’ll see this is a hood thing..I’m back on default settings.

Louisville / Newburg is the mode …per Russia rolling up on the Ukraine it’s not my fault history is repeating!

The staff or cartel meeting was held in a secret location…now we’ll feel the pain.. soon we’re bearing witness to the agenda!

This math we dropped is a hood / street’s real authentic;  it’s hard for some to deal with this!!  word to a pretender..

Check the path we take…diplomatic immunity is exercised..packages were returned to sender..were they found by French satellite out in the Indian Ocean per Malaysia Flight 370?

Check the wrath from the fake…the debris field is littered with weapons they formed to work against us..winds of change blew them away…they didn’t listen to the wind advisory…word from Ginger Zee…now so called powers that be walk around the details is where the devil will be…

The Reign Began With A Drizzle / Is It Reigning All Over The World?

We’re all up in the spot;  its like Russia rolling up on Ukraine..the reign began with a drizzle!

Were all up in the spot;  avoiding Unions like Soviets  putting together the puzzle!

Plans fizzle….parades get rained on per Brook Benton..A Rainy Night In Gerogia?

…actually its a rainy day too…as thought and police act brand new with them!! per Oscar Grant and even Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin?  hustles get knocked from the Bay Area to Florida!

Whats the dizzle? Sonic Assaults  were paying the prices for freedom!! but  oh yeah!!  it comes at a cost!

Random thoughts and breakbeats are weapons used…let the healing process begin..we refuse  to take a loss.

The reign began with a drizzle;I wasn’t at Outback but like the steaks I had on the grill during Outback Chronicle episodes? we’ll sizzle…but it’s a cold world… soon there was a polar vortex!

Maintaining; please!!  I had to hunt for shelter!! life is a marathon..I kept running.. I found a portal to slide through….a vortex!

….knowing what the sport will do…its complex!!  word from a veteran in the game!

…now coaching or running things like Phil Jackson… as we go there…on into hostile territories …were encroaching? please!!  it’s about enlarging ….now some are charging it to the game!

The reign began with a drizzle; now some want to fly us off course like Flight 370 out of Malaysia…

The reign began with a drizzle; is it reigning all over the world..after the drama unfurled? let the healing process begin…any Balm in Gilead..or anesthesia?



All Hands On Deck..Due To The Hot Mess / Hazardous Material

They said its a state of emergency!! it was  like Russia rolling up on the Ukraine!!  now its AHOD!

AKA All hands on deck is the catch phrase!!  I even felt the pressure!!  its hard to be at ease!

Whats up?  please!! I’m back in the lab working on material some consider hazardous..its  after chilling out outback on the deck…and that’s after I-20 escapades!

I’m not through dealing out here!! check the sonic smash and grab..a brotha is out here swinging the Sonic Blackjack;  battling the information overload!! checked the’s  nothing but charades!

I’m not through dealing!!  check the transformation..but  still in street and discrete modes..check the facades..its going down like this!

I’m not through dealing!!  others were sick!!  they didn’t back away from the buffet on these cruise ships!

Now some are losing it!! others sick with it / slick with it like Chris Chrsitie and Nathan Shady Deal..

Now some are choosing it!!..the assignment!! ..they received orders..all hands on deck!! ..but I was hip to the shady deal…

Now some are abusing it..the power granted to them…check the hot a brotha like me will have to clean it up…

Now some are abusing it…the power granted to them..the masses? they’ll stress!! some were in denial..mesmerized by the Sun In Pisces..some were in La La Land or even Mamby Pamby Land .they’ll dream it up…

My time for observing the scene was up…now I’m ready to roll.. I’m on my way…

What we have is spiritual…but  naysayers say its hazardous material when the O-Dog funk plays…