They Couldn’t Stand The Pungent Odor

Old girl started spraying the can of Lysol;  it was the old school / original fragrance.

She said she couldn’t stand the pungent odor!!  meanwhile these jokers try to get over!! like police in the St. Louis area killing the unarmed teen?  they’ll fake this.

Check out how I break this off!!  like the Aquarius Super Full Moon it’s part of the scientific process.

O-Dog is the funky type of soul brother!!  he’s dedicated to the truth and not nefarious like a Oscar Pistorius type of  fool!! soon  he will go off with this.

Some go off!! pistols were shot into the air as ear shattering gunshots exploded!! my dogs were heard saying they’re off this and that!!  reality is altered.

What’s that smell in the air?  this good word  is dropped in response to the madness;  I’m ready to roll after observing the scene but it left my perception altered.

The deception was evident per ebola vaccines;  a fake one was trying to run a game.

The reception was benevolent as I dipped through Macon on the way to the Seaboard;  as I took a break from the game.

It smelled like cabbage and bacon all up in the spot amd  then old girl added Lysol.

It was the original fragrance as jokers fake this;  I’m hip to that style though.

Some are fake with this!!  like Kevin Ward you’ll get run over by Tony Stewart types!! they’re foul though!!  soon a hostile takeover of the Gaza Strip?  Hamas will flip..

Who can stand the pungent odor? O-Dizzle is trying to get over!! rebuking the hostile takeover  per instructions from aliens telling me how the funk should go!! now we put it down like this!!



They Didn’t Know What To Do

The saga / struggle continues;  it’s like renewed drama in Iraq!! some folk didn’t know what to do!!

They were already out here paying the price;  damn!!  what else did they want from you?

Clark Howard mentioned price gouging!!  now corporate CEOs are lounging with proceeds offshore.

Dwight Howard or Tim Duncan posted up down low!!  but these point guards are going off!!  check the score.

Dwight Howard and James Harden were going off on their own but will there be repercussions?

Did Dwight Howard and James Harden scare Chris Bosh away!! the last hour will get ugly; some won’t know what to do!! O-Deezy brought out the percussions!!

Oh!! I heard the discussions!!  fighting a coward?  check the door for the smash and grab!!  in the ATL?  they’ll roll up in a white church van.

It was stolen from the neighborhood Baptist church down the street from the neighborhood liquor store;  so what’s up man?

Whatcha knowing? some understand  it’s down the street from the greasy chicken spot.

Whatcha knowing? cholesterol is now high!!  leading to heart attacks and strokes !! some jokers will flip like it’s the Gaza Strip!! is it part of the scheme or plot?

Word from Edward Snowden protected by the Russians? it’ll get the best of y’all!!  now some don’t know what to do.

Like the Ukraine gaffled by Russians the apparatus is stressing y’all!!  damn !! what did they want from you?

The Dog Days Of Summer

Chilling in the ATL aka Hotlanta?  it’s August so these are the dog days of Summer.

The saga / struggle continues;  what’s up with us ? O-Zone has the good word while O-Dog is the funky drummer.

A brotha is not a drug runner down here in Atlanta working with the Mexican Cartels!!  I’m out here getting breakbeat scientific with it!!

…Even though it’s rough out here in Babylon!! it’s not hard to tell!!  but we’re out here dealing with it .

Misery loves company!!  some are chilling with it!!  they’ll soon become collateral damage.

Misery caused by the heat will make some flip!!  like the Gaza Strip crisis vultures keep scores after assessing the damage.

History revealed the culture wars!!  it’s like ISIS rolling through Iraq!! who’s assimilated or is it humiliated? soon the defense objects.

I needed a change of scenery so I chilled out outback on the deck!!  reflecting on hot summer days in Louisville  in the Beecher Terrace and Park Hill projects.

During the dog days of summer?  you can be a goner!!  outback?  the mockingbird sings.

The drama is like the Hunger Games Mockingjay!!  check out what this good word brings.

A brotha peeped the red cardinal outback representing Louisville!! then I spotted the bluejay representing Kentucky!!

A brotha from the Ville knew it was tight in these hoods!! even Tiger Woods struggled during these dog days of summer during the PGA championship up in Kentucky.

Caught In A Moment Of Time / Easy Like Sunday Morning

Were caught out there!!  damn!!  we’re caught in a moment of time.

It’s a critical stage if development; we’re  trying to move to the next level with it!! I’m going on with mine.

Writing this on a Sunday Morning when it’s supposed to be Easy like the Commodores but it’s pitiful!! like the Gaza Strip land mines and IEDs litter the landscape !!

Some are in mourning as we try to exercise power like a forward per Alonzo Mourning or was he a center? as we continue to be interfered with by those that hate.

What it do?  jokers usually aren’t checking for me unless it’s the by-product of hate…

What it do? capers are pulled; who’s wrecking the getaway vehicle like it was a Tesla Model X  as investors continue to debate..

We’re dealing with the drama that’s manufactured like Republicans debating the  so called immigration crisis!!

We’re dealing with the drama even on this Sunday morning that’s supposed to be easy! please believe me we’ve already been paying the prices!!

Might have to contact Clark Howard as far as the price gouging is concerned! during the process my conduct a hater will stress due to stereotypical principles.

We know how the last hour can get!! so check out the rebuttal to the madness!!  armchair quarterbacks weren’t in the huddle when we bring these breakbeat scientific principles.

Check out this rebuttal against policies and procedures that so-called invincibles implemented.

Were caught up in a moment of time trying to be Easy like Sunday morning!! trying to deal with it.

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Another End Of Summer Sale

The end of the summer approaches as I write this; damn!!  it’s time for this clearance sale.

The funky drummer O-Deezy coaches per the veteran status like Jason Kidd ; haters were like Andrei Kirilenko with the interference!!!  they’re hoping that a brother will fail.

Coaching per the veteran status like Derek Fisher!! in the ATL  smokers try to share the altered Swisher!!  but I’m beyond all of that

Were approaching Armageddon;  it’s going down from Russia firing rockets  into the Ukraine  to the Gaza Strip!! some jokers will flip!! the wisher or hoper said he can’t call all that.

So called preachers feel the pressure!! they might need to fall back after they were caught out there catching up on their pimping!!

Who’s trying to reach us?  we’re intergalactic just like  coronal mass ejections!! so it won’t be a simple thing.

Who’s trying to teach us? contributing to the information overload? otherwise check the  coronary heart disease   or maybe the 4 hour  mass erection from Viagra?

Who’s trying to reach us? advertisers place stipulations or detrimental information in the fine print; the outcome will stagger ya!!

But we will bring these clearance rack epiphanies to ya!!  check the end of summer sale.

We’re expecting interference from the apparatus and other flagrant agents!!  you know they’re hoping that we fail.

We sail into the galaxy like a Perseid Meteor Shower while others fake it; when they see me their attitude is sour!! it’s  like they’re mad at the world and I had something to do with it…

Check out what the style will be; these are no Hunger Games where we have to compete with them!! we just drop these clearance rack epiphanies on them!! soon they’ll act brand new with it!!

Famine Or Feast PT.2 / Back Away From The Buffet

The thrill was gone per BB King and Lucille; so what’s up?  now some know the deal.

It can be famine or feast!!  plus some might need to back away from the buffet  as these concepts are combined!!  when I bring the real…

Haters are damning these if I do or don’t because I came back with a play that they couldn’t feel.

Some are understanding because they’re looking at it with a fresh view / fresh vision;  now some know the deal.

Some are understanding; time will reveal like Debarge!!  famine or feast will be the by-product.

Meanwhile I backed away from the buffet because I  was trying to chill; I wasn’t large and in charge to say the least!! that’s  for those that question my conduct.

I conduct myself in an orderly fashion!!  but Iwas defiant like Hercules so  that will still get my kind in trouble!!

I told shorty I was just doing what I do or acting like I knew!!  but who will work with these?  I’m out of fashion or out of pocket!! I’m an outside the boxer so it’ll get me in trouble…

The corrupt were influenced by the thought and fashion police;  damn!!  it’s easy to see how they do.

Some ask what’s up? Sonic Assaults were part of the story unfolding as we speak  as I continue doing what I do!!

So what’s up? it can be famine or feast like no peace in the Middle East  per the Gaza Strip or even in Chicagoland

I backed away from the buffet as concepts are combined like a combo meal from your favorite fast food restaurant; somebody might understand…