Taking The Wrapper Off PT.4

I’m taking the wrapper off…no bogus security clearance needed like defense contractors per Aaron Alexis...up next with this…I had to start another one!

Acting brand new?   using this math to get off!!  check these clearance rack epiphanies..rebuking those wanting to see a brotha come undone!

I’m not the one!! ..I was cut from a different cloth!!  based on Louisville / Newburg default settings!

ATL players and so called men of the cloth were spotted tripping out!!  soon flipping out?  It Wasn’t Natural!!  but I’m real with these Sonic Assaults!!  trying to prevent history from repeating!

It’s all about freedom!!  so I’m not like US / Russia / Syria chemical weapons deals… defeating the purpose!!  I’m battling those that threaten it!

I see them!!  wouldn’t want to be them!!  not joining University of Alabama  segregated Greeks…I see how they work this and that …geeks / gamblers out for a fast buck were betting it!

….their soul;  I see how they roll!!  as I write this on the 9-11 anniversary …I was peeping game like looking at 11:11 and 1:11 on the clock!

I was peeping game like jokers rolling  7 or 11 in Victory Park crap games up in Louisville…but now the Metro Police rock…

Heaven or hell when we take the wrapper off?  check out how we work this!!   dealing with the intergalactic drama…but the brotha O-Dizzle will rock!

Heaven or hell when we take the wrapper off? O-Zone is using this math to go off on jokers..but the hustle? haters will knock…

Some will run and tell it…whistleblowing…acting brand new!! taking the wrapper off..trying to make a mockery of this….

Some will run the marathon…but they’ll fail it…lacking stamina..meanwhile O-Dizzle will jam for ya…he’s rocking this…


Taking The Wrapper Off PT.3

Here we go with another one!! like more drama from Charlie Sheen…its brand new… I’m taking the wrapper off!

Here we go again!! sometimes fighting like Canelo and Mayweather.…but a bruh is usually using breakbeat science and math to go off!

….As I go off on another tangent…leaving the solar system like Voyager 1 …based on being intergalactic;  as I put it down like this!

The drama is local, national, international and intergalactic…haters wondered how I managed to survive against all odds!! …that were manipulated by a fanatic aka gambler out for a fast buck;  as I put it down like this!

Wandered through the Babylon wilderness…fire rages like its The New Jersey Boardwalk; but I arrived at a safe haven / safe harbor!

Now wondering what the deal is;  the arch nemesis was soon on the premises!! …hatred they harbor!

But still doing the damn thing!! real with this!! but who will show a brotha loyalty? 

Taking the wrapper off this damn thing…but like US-Russia talks concerning Syria were still dealing with the drama royalty!

Paying the price!!  now due a rebate, royalties, and fees; that  need to be broke off!

“It aint nothing nice” …but we drop these clearance rack epiphanies;  math and science is dropped when these are broke off!

“It aint nothing nice”….damn!! dirty work is done like Jesse and Walter White on Breaking Bad… just take a look around…but some are in denial….

Paying the price for the merchandise? …soon taking the wrapper off…now they’re standing in line at the service desk…after they see what it do…

Issues and Answers

I’m seeing what it do / what it does;  like the crisis in Syria..there were plenty of issues but no answers!

I’m seeing what it do / what it does; being built or torn down? its what a debatable circumstance was or is…

Plus I’m hearing what it do / what it does; its like the music was playing but there were no dancers!

Plus I’m hearing what it do / what it does; the intergalactic drama jumps off from the NASA LADEE launch to the moon to all the way to the ATL……like Obama strategies might fail..who has the answers?

No Cancers or Capricorns were in the spot!!  so no work was getting done!

The enemy was advancing!!  locking horns with Aries Rams that were saying they weren’t the one!

Gamblers out for a fast buck dipped in fast trucks!!  Dodge Rams or Toyota Highlanders!!  stolen ones used in Atlanta smash and grabs?  said they were done after the caper was pulled!

Ramblers off at the mouth snitched then switched genders like  Chelsea / Bradley Manning;  just a bunch of interlopers and highlanders chasing paper but they were fooled!

Some went postal; packages returned to senders or  stamps were put on it !! outlandish in souped up Subaru Outlanders…..waiting for answers!

They had plenty of issues;  we even felt the pressure..who will understand us?

They had plenty of issues……now they want to abandon us…love doesn’t live here anymore like Rose Royce….

Now waiting for answers! meanwhile we made moves…jokers damned us if we did or didn’t ..but we listened to our own voice…

Check out the Answers Mix by O-Dog



Trouble Funk – Trouble

Digital Crate Digging Continues…whats the deal? they’re  up in DC trying to decide whether to attack Syria

…..DC go-go veterans Trouble Funk  told them about starting Trouble back in the day!! check it out!!

Is It Some Type Of Weird Science?

Its like the crisis in Syria…I’m checking out the chaos and confusion…using a fresh view and fresh vision to interpret the weird signs!

Damn!! seeing what the deal is…my taking a loss was an option;  the apparatus they said I was working with a weird science!

Officials were faking the coin toss!!  but check the status..I’m rocking mine but …whispers and sideways glances show the disapproval!

Shaking off the paranoia…peeping game…spotted the paranormal;  as jokers act like Boehner supporting Obama concerning Syria..some brand new with a bruh!

Like they took the wrapper off; whats up with another?  the by-product revealed twisted / weird minds!

Dangerous like Michael Jackson mentioned!! I paid attention…I  wrote this on his birthday;  does that make it a weird science?

Strange with this?  weird with mine?  before I was banned from Blogster I told a joker to read between the lines…but actually I believe some are tired of thinking!

Its strange..at the end if the day?  some will find out the O-Dizzle funk was stinking!

….plus O-Zone was like Diana Nyad swimming from Cuba…I didn’t quit..I  wasn’t blinking when staring into the eye of the tiger!

….That’s word from this danger zone resident..an updated upgraded 60’s type freedom fighter!

At the concert real bic  lighters flick…not the app…as bass treble and tone from the disco inferno set the roof on fire!

Lights for those waiting in the dark!!  …..was it a weird science that was dropped on the empire?

End Of The Summer / Back To School / Class Is In Session

Its the end of the summer…some have gone back to school…but reality will give us crash courses; class is in session!

Fatalities tabulated in the warfare when these jokers act a fool; its going down from Louisville to the ATL…from Kandahar to Damascus; due to the aggression! 

Hostile territories are run by thought and fashion police; just like Assad in Syria...don’t ask us what the country can do for you; what can you do for the country?

Hot styles tell this story; warm enough to make Arctic Sea Ice shrink…breakbeat scientific principles are followed; but some act like they’re done with me! 

My files were dusty…others weren’t really checking for me..I was overlooked! 

Maybe because I ignore those chefs in hells kitchen; the meals aren’t nutritious and the beef is overcooked!  Random Thoughts From A Brotha: End Of The Summer / Back To School / Class Is In Session.

Hows That Working For You?

Whats really going on? like my WordPress site…inquiring minds want to know!!

I see how that’s going down; some try to work the press…running off at the mouth like Rep. Todd Akin…so how is that working for you? …so whatcha know? 

Trying to go with the flow..the status quo; soon like West Nile symptoms their body is aching…its easy to get blown away in the wind! 

Others will just let you go; meanwhile O-Dizzle’s style is funky…he’ll go for what he knows;  just playing a funky blend!

The reign began with a drizzle…now like Damascus there’s heavy shelling…plus the high winds and heavy rain is falling! 

No pain no gain was the cliche / mantra; just trying to maintain..but one who can’t stand the pain is falling! Check out the rest of this article at…..THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Hows That Working For You?.

Total Chaos; Outraged By The Destruction /Corruptiom

The storm did major damage; now like in Syria some are outraged by the destruction!

 Even if the process was natural…like great white sharks on the endangered species list…or maybe even brothas…(dropping feces with this)…when I “holla atcha”  I’m outraged by the corruption! 

Authorities claim their outraged by the justice obstruction like Julian Assange…now charges are trumped up! 

Territories are claimed by carpetbaggers; other territories were enlarged due to gospel singers per Donald Lawrence…but expect interference…some will get fired by Donald Trump; so whats up?

Check this gospel according to O-Zone…when I tell these stories its all game; like in Spades..holding trump cards because God is blessing us! 

Beats and English? I broke these..due to the system stressing us!  …………………

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Total Chaos; Outraged By The Destruction /Corruptiom.