How Will We Play It? We’ll Be Laying In The Cut (Part Two)

How will we play it? others loved being in the mix, showing no omission of sensation!! like Trump contesting Georgia’s election they’re acting with reckless abandon..

We’re laying in the cut but I see others were on a mission!! I spotted the instigation!, now fools are being random..

Others also laying in the cut, player playing in the midst of the pandemic; incense burned all up in their Covid bubble during the whisper of wishes. 

How will we play it? we’re also laying in the cut in our own bubble, plus I mentioned bubble wrapping 2020 up; Lessons learned? supposedly the reckoning as the drama revisits.

Some were put in a bag like Robert Palmer mentioned ; you know misery loves company they’ll start a corporation!

Security cameras flicked taking pictures, now those jokers are caught up in their “guilt by association”

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