12″ Disco Pleasures ♫ Funky, Soulful & Club House Mix ♫ 2023

 Digital Crate Digging Continues! check us out as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza! 

The saga / struggle continues but we’re going all out even when we misinterpret the signals and run the wrong route like a Dallas Cowboy wide receiver; somebody will understand a brotha!

We might even miss the shot playing hoops or fumble the ball like a running back but we’ve got this good word and drum loops so we kept running back into the game even though it got lonely!

We’re wise to the setup, didn’t miss the scheme  / plot meant to take us under like the hood mentioned by MC Eiht and Comptons Most Wanted Brotha O is all up on it, realizing that it’s all on me!

Attack zones will be navigated we knew we were hated , check how we fight back with the sound coming through with 12″ Disco Pleasures ♫ Funky, Soulful & Club House Mix ♫ 2023 courtesy of DJ Groove!

Check us out! we’re rebuking the debate with this O-Dog Day Party, check the playlist and the mix we’re in the groove!


01. Kenny Summit – Dirty Lowdown

02. Julie McKnight – Home (Knee Deep Dub)

03. Michelle Weeks, Jamie Lewis – The Light (Sandy Rivera Club)

04. Ne-Yo – Closer (Subkulcha House)

05. Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait (Sgt Slick’s Discotizer ReCut)

06. Seamus Haji, Michael Gray, Audrey Martells – Wish

07. The Supermen Lovers, Mani Hoffman – Starlight (Disco Edit)

08. Claptone, Barry Manilow, Erobique – Nobody (The Reflex Revision)

09. Basement Jaxx – Red Alert (Grant Nelson)

10. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (VIP)

11. Soulsearcher – Feelin’ Love (DJ Fudge)

12. Raven Maize, Dave Lee ZR – The Real Life (David Penn)

13. Jay Vegas – Come Back (Classic Disco)

14. Richard Grey – Thinking Of You (’22)

15. Supafly, De Funk – Pleasure Love (Dr Packer ‘Disco Dub’)


Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine & Wez Saunders – 13.01.23

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Fabulous Friday in conjunction with Flashback Friday renderings; we’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta…

Polar vortex type of atmosphere due to a Thursday afternoon storm / inclement weather that rolled through the Atlanta area from Lagrange to Griffin disturbing the vibe / norm but we’re taking it all in as it comes; somebody will understand a brotha..

Going under? exciting another wanting see us caught up in the storm!! they’re glad we’re caught up in it!!

The world taking me under like Compton’s Most Wanted and MC Eight mentioning the Hood Took Me Under? ha, like the system / matrix? they want us caught up in it!!

Getting open with it / real with it O-Dog Day Partying with it dropping this Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine & Wez Saunders – 13.01.23

Check out the playlist and the mix as we keep pulling up / dropping in!! we’re not through dealing, my constituents know what the deal will be!

1. Gerd – Still Believe [DFTD] 00:00

2. Lee Walker VS DJ Deeon – Freak Like Me (DJ Deeon vs Lee Walker Remix) [Defected] 08:51

3. Duke Dumont – Be Here [Defected] 13:28

4. Emanual Satie vs Roberto Rodriguez feat. Max C – Ride Your Body (Sabb Afterdark Mix)’ [DFTD] 18:19

5. J Majik feat. Kathy Brown – Love Is Not A Game (J Majik Rollers Mix) [Defected] 23:37

6. Camelphat & Elderbrook – Cola [Defected] 29:16

7. Endor – Pump It Up [Defected] 35:14

8. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Riva Starr Paradise Garage Club Mix) [Defected] 39:17

9. Louie Vega & The Martinez Brothers with Marc E. Bassy – Let It Go [Defected] 46:08

10. Ferreck Dawn feat. Jem Cooke – Back Tomorrow [Defected] 51:34

11. A Studio – SOS (Skylark Remix Nic Fanciulli 2022 Edit) [Defected] 56:57

12. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs X Redlight – Regulate [DFTD] 1:00:49

13. Roach Motel – Movin On (Darius Syrossian Remix) [Faith] 1:03:22

14. Sam Divine feat. Josh Barry – Take My Hand [Defected] 1:06:58

15. Pig&Dan – Better Than The Love I Know [DFTD] 1:13:11

16. Jamie Jones – My Paradise (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape) [Defected] 1:16:47

17. Mason Collective – Lost My Way [DFTD] 1:21:21

18. Tensnake – Coma Cat (Chloe Caillet Remix) [Defected] 1:25:40

19. Todd Terry X Meca X Volkoder feat. Tristan Henry – Little Woman [DFTD] 1:28:43

20. Deeper Purpose – Shake It [D4 D4NCE] 1:32:23

21. Harry Romero – Revolution (House Masters Edit) [Defected] 1:36:31

22. Floorplan – We Give Thee Honor [Classic Music Company] 1:39:34

23. Daniel Steinberg – Home Wrecker [DFTD] 1:42:37

24. Sam Divine & Hayley May – Face The Crowd [DVINE Sounds] 1:47:42

25. Junior Sanchez feat. NEZ – Hit It [Defected] 1:52:01

26. Hannah Wants feat. Clementine Douglas – Cure My Desire (Themba Remix) [Defected] 1:57:18

Oh!! So Its Like That Huh? (Part Eight)

Check us out as we come through on this Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here, so act like you know it.

Oh! so it’s like that huh? the question asked by a naysayer that didn’t  take Deitrick Haddon’s advice and  count their blessings and name them one by one; the way they move / operate? they’ll show it!

Damn! some let their guard down! soon the arch nemesis was on the premises casting them out from their ancestral home. 

Banned, forever more! now Branded like Chuck Connors stripped of their medals / honors now they’re spotted out there by the James Webb Space Telescope beyond Pluto and Mars! damn!! some were even spotted down here in Atlanta on Edgewood Ave or Auburn Ave under the bridge wrapped in blankets or  in tents as society circumvents; the streets or out in the galaxy is where they’ll roam. 

Oh! So it’s like that huh? per Throwback Thursday reflecting, we’re asking that question but I wised up to the whole set up; innerworld / outerworld / underworld? the scope of the madness and its affects? it wouldn’t surprise us!

Oh! So it’s like that huh? actually I still ask that question per witnessing the drama that even unfurled out there where the sun never rises.

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Business As Usual / Putting It Down Like This!!! (Part Four)

Sunday Jazz Continues? oh yeah, check us out! of course that’ll be business as usual…

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, but we’ll continue to put it down like this!! breakbeat scientific? oh yes!! on Sunday morning this is how we do!!

The saga / struggle continues, enhanced by October Surprises as the pursuit of prizes will have some caught out there like Trump with the coronavirus..

…caught out there with other GOP members at the Amy Coney Barrett event aka the super spreader event; it doesn’t surprise us!!

Business as usual? bearing witness to how they do!! peeping game at the preponderance of evidence, doing more with it than Daniel Cameron in the Breonna Taylor case? 

Putting it down like this!! not sleeping in the game, now exercising an abundance of caution  with the clones in this zone; per CDC guidelines social distancing is required in more ways than one; negative ones are not allowed in my face..

Check this out at Business As Usual / Putting It Down Like This!!! (Part Four)

Rejuvenated PT.10

It’s going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; as I’ve mentioned previously,  things can play out either way..

It’s going down after Memorial Day holidays, now we’re rejuvenated,  trying to get back in the swing of things; expecting opposition from the devious due to previous episodes; we should know how they’ll play!!

Whatcha know man/?  when the drama goes down who was beseeched? did the street mafioso call their henchmen?  issues were debated,  even heard Da Lench Mob mention Guerillas  In Da Mist  and the Hood Took Me Under by Compton’s Most Wanted!

Whatcha know man? dude wasn’t late with it!!   tires screeched in the old school Chevy Impala after the caper was pulled over on Northside Drive in Atlanta, he didn’t want to be  lynched by the angry mob; these days stirred up / channeling  First 48 and America’s Most Wanted!

Dude said it was a cinch man!! some believed him...he said he would come through in the clutch; he swagged / flexed / fronted and flaunted!

Clint Eastwood style!! clinching a fistful of dollars;  smoking cut up weed implanted  Dutch Masters; passed it to the left hand side after he gathered and hunted!

Check out the rest of this article at https://t.co/XG81tsliVo

Rejuvenated PT.2

Back on the set again, rejuvenated!! parts on the hooptie / mothership were lubricated!!  breakbeat scientific matters?  we’re begetting.

Oh yes!! a brotha gets scientific but like Kim Jong Un meeting Vladimir Putin jokers are plotting and scheming; damn!!  they’re back at it,  once again!! per Throwback Thursday, history repeating?  we weren’t forgetting.

Due to seasons / reasons changing as we move into Taurus Season?we’re rejuvenated, not stopping / quitting / forfeiting the game; like Joe Biden throwing his hat into the presidential race you  might as well say we’re all in.

Who’s for or against us? due to treasons circumventing is practiced, even by corporate types vs Bernie Sanders! damn!! where did the mothership land us!!  might as well say we’re all in.

Check out the rest of this article at https://t.co/G3eEsBVQoX