Dipping and Diving…But There’s No Where To Run Or Hide

So what’s the deal?  the mothership has landed back on earth…didn’t take pictures of ourselves like the Mars Rover…but the game is not over….were at the point of no return;  there was no going back!

So whats the deal? peeps are struggling on Staten Island after Superstorm Sandy…somebody might understand me when I tell them there was nowhere to run or hide; but  devils were told to “go on with that”

They were geeked up…somebody said they were “wilding ” ….told to “go on with your bad selves”  now check out the by-product!

Jokers were talking the other way like WSB radio does Pres. Obama ….or other media pundits…now whose caught up in the drama? people even question my conduct!

Broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline….scientific with it;  as I conduct myself in an orderly fashion!

Dedicated to the truth…that’s whats spoken…still low profile / low-key with it …sometimes it seems I’m standing alone against the world….too much attention drawn when in the limelight basking!

No ice cream like Baskin and Robbins ….plus you can’t have your cake and eat it too…haters schemed and plotted all up in the spot!

“It aint nothing nice” ….last days in Bainport due to baron robbing? the American dreams turn into nightmares due to perpetrations by the usual suspects..all up in the spot!

One prays..after feeling pain in this sport…but they kept on running...even though these culprits make it hot; now the temperature rises due to the climate change per Superstorm Sandy…there’s nowhere to run or hide!

Corrupt ones hinder progress in this climate…its not strange…its been this way… but they didn’t stop us..through the portal we slide!

The mothership was rolling…out beyond the farthest supernova…dipping like a  old school Chevy Nova with the 327 engine in it…

The total solar eclipse November 13 /14 is approaching as I write this…the game is not over..there’s no where to run or hide…we’re all in it..




The reign began with a drizzle…..now check the mass hysteria like the drama in Syria.. its storming!

 O-Dizzle puts it down; but the pain began with a cold heart contradicting the global warming! 

O-Zone is in your zone…circulating..in transition;  as I span the globe brainstorming; actually I’m intergalactic with it! 

Sonic Assaults are unleashed against against the enemy; they’re just a bunch of fanatics! 

Are they instruments of God or the devil?  operating on different levels… it seems like they play both positions! 

Rolling like Angels and Demons contributing to the confusion; the Total Chaos….the harsh conditions! check out the rest of this article at ….