We’re Still Breakbeat Scientific With It

We’re breakbeat scientific with it…what’s the deal with it? this is the declaration page.

…of the insurance policy…like Russia in Ukraine trying to re-unite the Soviet Union? ..we’re making sure we expose the fallacy… check out this Declaration of Independence as we engage.

We’re trying to maintain…our hearts, minds, souls and spirits  are rebuking demerits issued;  the interference is dealt with.

We’re trying to maintain…going hard for mine!!  clearance rack epiphanies and the brand new funk are weapons used;  were real with it.

No pain no gain was heard in the blues song by Betty Wright….mentors told us we need to get it right…so we study to show ourselves approved…

That’s per  2 Timothy 2:15…. what does it all mean? we get breakbeat scientific with it…but some interfere with it…ear shattering gunshots exploded…the crowd moved…

The situation is out of control…some see how we’re trying to roll…we’re trying to dip out of the Babylon wilderness…

Some see how were trying to roll…the I-65 / I-75 Chronicles explain it at the Sonic Assault after hell was caught…we had to go back to the source..where the real is…

Now were back on course unlike Flight 370 from Malaysia was..now searchers are looking for pings…

Now were back on course.. …of course O-Dizzle tries to get it right as the funk plays and O-Zone drops this good word..the website? a bruh pings…

Scorpion stings during the Cardinal Grand Cross of  April 2014 determine the ways and means..plus the Battle Cry is heard..Lord Help Lord Help!!

Not aborting missions..Sunday evening? cruising down I-75 in Kentucky as the Beatles played on the radio…Let it Be and …plus George Harrison sung My Sweet Lord…now that’ll help…




Taking The Wrapper Off PT.4

I’m taking the wrapper off…no bogus security clearance needed like defense contractors per Aaron Alexis...up next with this…I had to start another one!

Acting brand new?   using this math to get off!!  check these clearance rack epiphanies..rebuking those wanting to see a brotha come undone!

I’m not the one!! ..I was cut from a different cloth!!  based on Louisville / Newburg default settings!

ATL players and so called men of the cloth were spotted tripping out!!  soon flipping out?  It Wasn’t Natural!!  but I’m real with these Sonic Assaults!!  trying to prevent history from repeating!

It’s all about freedom!!  so I’m not like US / Russia / Syria chemical weapons deals… defeating the purpose!!  I’m battling those that threaten it!

I see them!!  wouldn’t want to be them!!  not joining University of Alabama  segregated Greeks…I see how they work this and that …geeks / gamblers out for a fast buck were betting it!

….their soul;  I see how they roll!!  as I write this on the 9-11 anniversary …I was peeping game like looking at 11:11 and 1:11 on the clock!

I was peeping game like jokers rolling  7 or 11 in Victory Park crap games up in Louisville…but now the Metro Police rock…

Heaven or hell when we take the wrapper off?  check out how we work this!!   dealing with the intergalactic drama…but the brotha O-Dizzle will rock!

Heaven or hell when we take the wrapper off? O-Zone is using this math to go off on jokers..but the hustle? haters will knock…

Some will run and tell it…whistleblowing…acting brand new!! taking the wrapper off..trying to make a mockery of this….

Some will run the marathon…but they’ll fail it…lacking stamina..meanwhile O-Dizzle will jam for ya…he’s rocking this…


Letting It Do What It Do

Chilling all up in the spot….basically were Just Trying To Maintain… letting it do what it do!

Dealing with the madness…the mass hysteria is like Syria…but I’m a dual dimension dweller;  like Terry Callier …for love what you wont do!

Back with this!! what’s that noise? please… old girl in Decatur Georgia said the devil will call ya; so  whatcha going through?  flunking like James Holmes at The University of Colorado? now ready to shoot up the place like Aurora..check the terror..the horror… the by product!

Whats up Holmes?  these players in Atlanta ask me….told them I’m back with this…Once Again…all up in the spot where the drama will unfurl; had to admit I’m even going through it with Mercury Retrograde …but check out my conduct!

O-Zone is Circulating…its time for transition….a bruh roams the universe…rocks I hurl like protestors in the Gaza Strip …..to operating like The Aurora Borealis…shining lights…but its knowledge I flip; I  ignored the corrupt and their flawed policies!

Society keeps hating…but O-Dizzle rocks while O-Zone hits you up with these clearance rack epiphanies!

Thats what the deal is with these..as we put it down like this!

Letting it do what it do; weapons are sharpened for spiritual warfare as we continue to fight this!

Letting it do what we do…right with this…not running off at the mouth like Mitt Romney…then trying to clear things up…

Letting it do what it do….what will the response be? please!! you’ll get shutdown like synthetic drug labs…due to the fear of things…

O-Dizzle is a beat fanatic…a funky type of soul brotha..check out the by product from the lab…breakbeat scientific business is in full effect…

We’re letting it do what it do..maybe by the end of the day we’ll get respect….

O-Dizzle Is A Funky Type Of Soul Brotha

O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha;  but not offensive due to lack of soap or deodorant! 

Whats the dizzle?  check the sound to see how the odor will get! 

Whats the dizzle?  old girl will grab the Lysol and start spraying! 

….Might even pull out the Lemon Fresh Pine Sol and start wiping..with no delaying!

 O-Zone is not playing around with them; its like Syria…check the mass hysteria… souls get kidnapped and held for ransom! 

Just like the priestess said citizens of Haiti are done; face to face with a crook? not selected at random? Check the rest of this article at……

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: O-Dizzle Is A Funky Type Of Soul Brotha.