The Transaction Was Being Processed

Check the interaction;  the e-mail said the transaction was being processed.

Gamblers out for a fast buck were stacking cards and dice;  *it ain’t nothing nice*  but we’re still being blessed.

Rambling on when I drop these clearance rack epiphanies?  actually they’re  the by-product from being stressed.

Check out my conduct  even though interference plus turbulence was expected!! it’s  similar to diamonds and other raw materials being processed.

Hazardous material? naw!!  what we have is spiritual!!  blessed and highly favored by The Clark Sisters was heard in the background.

…But God is not through with me yet;  transactions are still being processed!!  I dipped for a minute but check me out when I come back around.

It’s not odd how we do; during the interactions we were stressed but no tears of a clown like Smoky Robinson are  mentioned.

This squad will get down!! putting it down like Action Jackson!!  the Carl Weathers version or maybe the 2014 Bollywood  version / Indian  masala film   but we’re not through dealing!! check out the  supreme courage and maximum strength that’s  exhibited.

This squad will get down!! we’ll deal with it!! after the transaction is processed it’ll be on!!  we’ll be activated!! supposedly like terror cells in France?

We’re real with it like Bill Cosby telling women to be careful if they’re drinking around him!! check the circumstance

It will be debatable; will we be built or torn down? some haven’t turned the level of scorn down per IED’s placed outside of NAACP offices in Colorado Springs..

We act like we knew!! soon the transaction will be processed and we move on to the next; soon rocking championship rings!!



We’re Trying To Make The Best Of It

We’re caught up / caught out here..trying to dodge James Holmes types like out in Aurora..we’re  just trying to make the best of it! 

Whats up? we’re shining lights like the aurora borealis…but these haters play games..elementary like Holmes told Watson..jokers brought up scan sheets with multiple choices; trying to make a test of it! 

There’s no rest in it…the Babylon wilderness;  no justice no peace is the catch phrase! 

There’s no rest in it..but blessed in highly favored per the Clark Sisters..meanwhile O-Dizzle’s sound is funk flavored;  that’s the sound he plays! 

There’s no rest in it…all up in the spot…the vanity plate on the Cadillac Sedan Deville? blessed and highly favored…but still society plays a brotha another way like they do I just got here the other day!

 Check the Sonic Assault…we’re battle tested….a veteran in the sport now coaching ready to run another play! Check out the rest of this article at …

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: We’re Trying To Make The Best Of It.