Moving Forward: Now What’s Next? (Part Seven)

Showing gratitude on this Thankful Thursday, it’s a blessing to be here!

Check the attitude, affected by Throwback Thursday reflecting / internal inspecting? had to admit I was visiting but I’m not trying to stay there!

As I mentioned before I’m not trying to waste your time or mine, we’re moving forward now what’s next? we realize this sport is complex, l mentioned earlier that it’s all game!

Check the text / this good word  plus per Throwback Thursday Digital Crate Digging Continues? we’re getting breakbeat scientific, that’s how we’re playing this game!

But if it’s the drama? we won’t accept the blame we’re all about peace, while others are addicted to chaos.

They love the drama, caught up in the matrix / system / game wanting a piece of the action, meanwhile I chilled in the lab, club or even at the coffeehouse!

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The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! PT.5

It’s rough out here!! The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! it’s going down on this Throwback Thursday, but you can find us taking it back to the future..

We’re taking it there!! retro  – futuristic with it in the midst of a uncertain future / new normal per this coronavirus pandemic; government officials act brand new ya…

They can neither confirm nor deny or they’ll outright lie like Trump concerning the coronavirus, bumping heads with Dr Anthony Faucidenying that or this?

You must learn was the knowledge kicked by KRS -One with Boogie Down Productions; check the Throwback Thursday reference..

As the world turns like soap operas those putting down these  corruptions leave a trail of evidence from here in Georgia to up in Louisville…

Ahmaud Arbery shot down in Brunswick Georgia to Breonna Taylor up in Louisville; it’s not all about Georgia football to Louisville basketball so what’s the deal?

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