Ignoring The Turbulence PT.4

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us; damn!! it’s like theHouse Oversight Committees vs Trump; how will we work this?

Sunday morning? rattling tambourines, hymns were raised per the call and response plus the Lord was praised; now check the response as we ignore the world’s  turbulence

Rebuking / scorning? battling  like The Chronicles of Riddick;  the DJ O-Dog could fix it, the  funk will stink!! revealed in The Gangsta Chronicles as we use the funk as a vehicle to climb out of the abyss.

Ignoring the turbulence, we saw what it do / how these jokers will work this!! one step forward two steps back though, so whatcha know??  per this Music Monday? it’s even back and forth like Cameo!! that’s what the deal is!

Ignoring the turbulence! per Music Monday? admitting we weresearching like Roy Ayers, trying to find out what the real is!! thought and fashion police were busy!! we saw that techniques get sweated!

Eric B and Rakim told them not to do it!! spotted how they were working it, I guess some will forget it.

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That’s Where They Lost Me PT.2

caught out there / that’s where they lost me

Good combination at first!!  money made!!  but the soul was lost…

Cons run in this nation?  just check Wall Street!! told the recipe for success? you need to front or floss..

That’s where they lost me; jokers didn’t tabulate the cost; now like the rest of us Americans they’re in heavy debt; damn near bankrupt!!

That’s where they lost me; more bankrupt than Trump!! I thought they knew!! this world is wicked / corrupt…

…..Let folks know with my Chronicles!! Gangsta or even I-20 ones;   we weren’t the ones!! Riddick didn’t have any thing to do with them!!

What’s the status? what’s up with these and those?  the apparatus  used them up like ISIS holding Japanese hostages;  I wanted no part of this, that’s where they lost me; now through with them…

As we Proceed and Continue to go through them!! what?  per James 1:12 the trials and tribulations..

Some were able to Move Forward; others were Caught Up In Unpleasant Situations..

Lost In Translation / Lost In Transition;  it wasn’t a Hot One…

Oh;  but it was a Hot Mess!!  whose Part Of The Conspiracy? Easy to spot one…

O-Zone.?  not the one to play games with these folk!!  this is not the Final Four or the Super Bowl!!

Please!!! the whole game is shady!! These gamblers are out for a fast buck!!  The Fight Was Fixed!!  just check the score!! Patriots have deflated balls?

Came through the door on this Mystic Voyage;  Hip To The Conspiracy, Wise To The Set Up!!  a brotha did the knowledge..

Came through on the Mothership: Out In The Mainstream it gets good mileage..

Others plunder and pillage the village; that’s where they lost me!!  why? because they’re Lost!!  so whose the real idiot?

Not under the influence so I’m not acting brand new with this!!  these brothas get Scientific with it…