They Were Playing Me The Other Way PT..4

So what’s up?  damn!!  peeps are looking at me like Bowe Bergdahl..I see jokers are still trying to play me the other way.

Please!!  I’ve been here!! all up in this piece hitting hard like an old school Riddick Bowe y’all!! I didn’t get here the other day.

A brotha will play the style from “back in the day” …plus like the Chronicles of Riddick  I’m futuristic.

Another tried to play with my file…alt shift delete was the mission!!  but I continue to dip down I-20 in Atlanta per the Chronicles… they can’t stop this mystic.

As I take this mystic voyage..please!  like Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two I’m intergalactic with it.

Somebody said I missed it….actually I was already there!!  I left and came back!!  still dealing with it.

I came back like Al Qaeda in Iraq…actually I never went anywhere.

Check how I play..a freedom fighter rocking out in the ongoing spiritual warfare.

…But jokers still play me the other way as I go there..the arch nemesis even approached the premises.

Now jokers want to play me the other way…. after they believed the empty promises.

Broken promises have armchair quarterbacks calling plays like Miami Heat…when they need to be running them like the San Antonio Spurs…

What’s up with us? bums at the Five Points MARTA station give the quarters back..they had an epiphany ..trying to play it another way!!  it’s based on what occurs…