I Was Trying To Chill But I’m Right Back In It

I was trying to chill…had the fresh view / fresh vision going…but I couldn’t  ignore it…checking out the Total Chaos and confusion; some are realizing  life is hectic!

Heard the Deliberate Falsehood..whose acting false in the hood?…..chemical weapons not used in Syria? somebody is lying!! on top of that jokers want me to take a loss;  they disrespected!

So whats good? whats hood? jokers push and shove like Chris Bosh and Tim Duncan under the basket…its not like Philly….no brotherly love  / no benevolence!

But I go back to Ice T and the Glove!!  somewhat Reckless…but I rise above the debatable circumstance!

Is there any love? were being built or torn down;  it goes down as we put it down like this!

Life is hectic….Edward Snowden or even Bangladesh garment workers can tell you that.. the saga  / struggle continues as we fight this!

Spiritual warfare its going down!!  I was trying to chill..trying to be funky fresh!!  but not rocking any Joe Fresh… but I got pulled back into it!

Whats that? the game…who can we blame? I was trying to chill!! but  I knew how the apparatus operated per NSA Prism programs… I wasn’t trying to fool with it!

Trying to deal with it!! damn!!  life is hectic!!  but if I keep it moving;  good things happen!

Trying to deal with it!! life is hectic!!  but we already knew that when we landed back on earth..the mothership I was strapped in..

Being real with it during the toil and strife;  disrespected but I proceed and continue to do my thing!

Life is hectic!!  but we prevail…God is blessing us… we continue to do the damn thing!