Was Diplomatic Immunity Revoked?

Was diplomatic immunity revoked?  so called saints got reckless! 

East side living like The Jeffersons…R.I.P Sherman Hensley..we then dipped back to the community; but there’s no respect for this! 

Gunshots ring out in between thunder and lightning; gunclaps during the storm…… thugs flex this and that so called muscle!

 Running spots in the Atlanta suburbs like Mexican Cartels; thugs flex..players play and the hustlers hustle! 

All up in spots where the attitude is funky like O-Dogs sound; like at Logan airport in Boston due to racial profiling…some stank!! they’re foul! 

All up in spots…like in the Chinese economy….where the morale is low amongst the rank and foul!  Check out the rest of this article at….THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Was Diplomatic Immunity Revoked?.