What? I Haven’t Updated The Captain’s Log In A While?

What’s really going on?  your dude is slipping!!  I haven’t updated the Captain’s Log in a minute or two.

Slipping into darkness like War? danger zone business reminds me that life is hectic out here in the smoke and mirrors enhanced by the fog!!   steering the mothership out in the storm like a Royal Caribbean cruise ship captain would do?

Naw dude!!  I’m trying to stay on point like I just received threats from North Korea or avoiding Pirates In The Caribbean!!  meanwhile the pimp / player was distracted asking us have you seen her?

….Sounding like the Chi-lites:  meanwhile I continue to drop these insights based on what occurred.

Jokers aren’t right!!  my peeps got *racial slurred*  at Donald Trump rallies for mentioning black lives matter.

Lines are blurred per grey area scenarios!! I see  Cruz and Rubio were talking slick with their chit chatter.

Lines are blurred:  now fastballs are coming in *swing batter batter swing * is heard as spring training gets underway.

Lines are blurred:  athletes were living fast y’all,  while teachers and police officers were barely maintaining due to the underpay.

Lines blurred on the highway!!  we’re rolling *Running Away like Maze and Frankie Beverly*  we needed  rejuvenation.

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!!  now updating this Captains Log,  but who’ll understand a brotha victimized by the instigation?

Slipping down a rabbit hole? naw!! O-Dog had soul like Bobby Byrd, or else he wouldn’t be in here..

This is how we had to roll!! dropping this breakbeat science with the good word from O-Zone: still fighting this spiritual warfare!!


Updating The Captains Log PT.4

It’s going down!!! I’m updating this Captains Log, but it’s a little later than usual!!

But it’s going down!! I’m down here in Atlanta where GOP Presidential candidates are at the Red State Gathering; any math dropped in that thing? per Donald Trump haters are acting unusual!

Who’ll understand a brah? extraterrestrials told me how the funk show go during intergalactic gatherings now beats will rumble, they’ll  thump!!

Who’ll understand a brah as I update this Captain’s Log?  pedestrians stumble through the Smoke and Mirrors, the Fog!! they’ll trip over a stump!!

Who’ll understand a brah? there wasn’t any rest for me!! side eyes and sideways glances were recieved like I attended cartel gatherings with the drug dealers, hustlers and players!!

What’s up Holmes, but not James out in Aurora? feeling like I’m serving a life sentence but elders encouraged me and others; they told us to Play On Players!!

What’s up Holmes? horror and terror during this reign will have us all saying prayers!! circumstances are debatable!!

Being built or torn down? society didn’t turn the level of scorn down, check out the latest controversy!! egos are deflatable!!

I was out there but now the Mothership has landed back on earth where they’ll hate on a dude, but a brotha will be claiming territory!! might even create my own time zone like North Korea…

I was out there!! a brotha gets scientific, while these wannabe players in Atlanta were like the Chi-Lites asking have you seen her?

Meanwhile?  O-Dog will hook up bars and hooks;  we’re Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch..

Once Again It’s On!!  The Captain’s Log is updated by O-Zone!!  our response to the hell we catch..