Retro- Futuristic / Intergalactic

This is how it’s going down for inquiring minds that wanted to know: I have to admit this dude is somewhat retro /futuristic / intergalactic.

This is how it’s going down like Georgia firing Mark Richt but he lands on his feet in Miami!! understand me? so called power brokers /  jokers attitude and demeanor was somewhat erratic…

Butch Davis thought he’s was going back to Miami like LL Cool J talked about going back to Cali!! but mathematics came into play…

Some misbehave with this like protestors in Chicago on Michigan Avenue! please!! it’s hard on the boulevard / avenue!! there’s really no Fly Society from LAX to JFK per the t-shirt at Stonecrest Mall! that’s not how fanatics play!

O-Dog? he’s a beat slave per Grace Jones while O-Zone is telling his constituents the sport is complex!

Smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors in these danger zones? oh yes!! we rebuke them when we come with the next…

Oh yes, we advanced!! but the Usher wannabe said O-Dog’s sound was too retro  /  he said the sound was old school..

Oh yes, we advanced!! but the church usher /  Kirk Franklin wannabe said the sound was too futuristic!!  I had to admit it’s the next school..

Even though a player was having babies with his lady  the Kanye West wannabe figured the cipher out / he  Recognized The Pattern!! understanding that the next school is in full effect..

Even though this player kept playing the Mary J Blige wannabe heard O-Dog’s cuts, snares and samples,  but she couldn’t connect..

Much obliged for the constructive criticism is what I told them,  but I couldn’t correct anything!! you heard the cliche / *it is what it is*

BreakBeat Science is in full effect, your dude is retro / futuristic!!  but not robotic., even though O-Dog will rock it!!  old version or new version of the Wiz?


Satellite Station Transmissions PT.7 (The Combo Meal)

It’s going down on this Saturday or anyday!!   per this  gangster /  geek? concepts will combine per these chronicles…

Earlier?  I was outback raking leaves; reminded that one faking deceives the masses, they’ll have them geeked!!  this is the response to these and those…

Earlier? I was sliding down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie with the slipping transmission taking side streets avoiding the matrix architect’s alt shift deletes!! check their combo meal as they collaborate with Hunger Game Peacekeepers...

Freedom Riding 2.0? understand a bruh as the truth will be told per these satellite transmissions, as we battle hunger and thirst while the devil and his advocates try to creep up on us…

Told my peeps I’m trying to maintain focus so I can serve them this combo meal like McDonald’s: I told them about *the conglomerate*  corporate offices were located at  the O-Dog Podcast.

Pain is introduced by the bogus aka chefs in hells kitchen with the bad meal!!  they’ll try to cover up matters like Chicago Police and the shooting of Laquan McDonald!! so whats up with it? we respond with the Sonic Assault and Random Thoughts:   the sounds blast.

Cultures clash,  now some will pledge allegiance to ISIS shooting up San Bernardino in the process; hopefully we can move on to a better day..

News flash!!   paralegals couldn’t help us during the crisis!! the Chinese and Xi Jinping get slick during FOCAC summits!! not to be confused with Jungle Love by the Time and Morris Day..

Who has the cash? more on that at a later day!!  on this Saturday and anyday? this matter concerns *The Conglomerate*

Bashed upside the head my reality? this is my response to it!! this gangster / geek gets breakbeat scientific with it..

We mashup fantasy and reality: that’s my response to it!! what? the madness!! concepts were developed while outback raking leaves plus dipping down I-20 in Atlanta…

We clashed up in this up piece with jokers wanting to see me as a casualty but we put it down casually; who’ll understand a bruh?


We Thought We Were Doing Something PT.3

We thought we were doing something, but mistakes were made like the attack on Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan..

We thought we were doing something; fakes lost track of their surroundings, now like Russian jets shot down in Turkey borders or boaundaries are crossed; where will they land?

We thought we were doing something, but jive turkey ass manuevers get us in trouble, some are reckless like Laquan McDonald shot down by the Chicago Police Department…

We thought we were doing something, eating turkey, collard greens and sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving while others are barely living: they can’t afford McDonalds, while feed the hungry programs claim they’re out there in the heart of it…

In Paris? drama unfurled plus more was on the way;  I told some I’m finished with ya!!  they act like they’re part of the conspiracy.

It was confirmed: with devil’s advocates we scrimmaged but hope never diminished;  I keep moving at a high velocity.

Diplomatic Immunity?   oh yes!! that’s per being God’s Property!! no weapons formed against us would work…

Dipped from the community, then I dipped back; spot me rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but who will understand a bruh?  who will be there when good and evil collide? could be a demon or angel, so how will it work?

Some act brand new with me, they say I think I’m doing something!!  meanwhile O-Dog’s funk stanks, but that’s how the groove will be as we proceed and continue..

We thought we were doing something;  actuallly we give thanks, we have a lot to be thankful for!! the Thanksgiving Day meal?  check this good word and The O-Dog Podcast for the menu..

We thought we were doing something: banks already count the proceeds from Black Friday as these consumers claim they’ve got to have it…

We thought we were doing something; ranks are full of those with wants and needs making plans; reality will unravel it