Belladonna – Melodies

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! check how we respond to those and these..

Digital? analog? crates? we’re rigging!! menus full of jazz, funk, house music; all of those and these!!

Chilling!! trying to be at ease, others are spazzing out!! no justice no peace is heard from Charlotte to here in the ATL..

We’re trying to ease on down the road like the Wiz, handling breakbeat scientific biz!! some want us to fail..

Belladonna with Melodies plays in the background as I type this micropoetry, act like you know me!!

Drama? coping strategies fail these and those; no harmony, but it doesn’t alarm me; damn!! I let it grow on me!! Let’s Go!!

Clearance Rack Epiphanies (First Day Of Fall Sale)

This is how it’s going down!!  seasons / reasons change  this morning per the Autumnal Equinox.

It’s a good time for these clearance rack epiphanies!! breakbeat scientific with these?  oh yes!!  your dude rocks!

Outback Chronicles will influence these!!  I’m outback watering plants,  plus I just rinsed off the hooptie.

Out of that? Naw! I respond to these and those!! bothering informants that didn’t know where the truth will be.

Truth or reality as they or we know it?  some will grow it!!  harvest it per the September or even October full moon.

Now some threaten Trump or Clinton with an October surprise, a fool  will swoon!

Seduced by the daughter of chaos!! surprise! surprise!  surprise! was heard from Gomer Pyle.

Confused by these Sonic Assaults? we’re rebuking the chaos, but some question your homies style.

….Pressing buttons / turning dials / I reset things!!  Louisville / Newburg styles are on display like Lamar Jackson scoring touchdowns.

..Stressing punishment gluttons per these clearance rack epiphanies after the mothership touches down.

Blessings continue to come from up above,  touching down it’s all love!! but frustration is still felt from Tulsa to Charlotte...

Blessing my peeps with these clearance rack epiphanies on the first day of fall!! spiritual warfare? we’re in the heart of it…