Diggin’ w Catz ’n Dogz (Episode #4) – Defected Broadcasting House

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through with this HumpDay Extravaganza segment!

The saga / struggle continues, this is what’s up / what it do! getting over the hump is the business with all my constituents eligible for it!

My writing on the loose leaf? told it wasn’t legible but we’re still going for it dropping this good word on the iPhone then transmitting to this blog…

..Random Thoughts From A Brotha; but we take it further coming through with this sound curated by O-Dog!

Sonic assaults are unleashed due to smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors maneuvers from the apparatus as we drop this Diggin’ w Catz ’n Dogz (Episode #4) – Defected Broadcasting House

O-Dog Day Partying after starting the day Afternoon Jazzing! check the playlist and the mix, this is medicine that’ll prevent spazzing!! O-Dog is going all out, rocking the house!! 

Check this out at Diggin’ w Catz ’n Dogz (Episode #4) – Defected Broadcasting House

Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 10.06.22

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Fabulous Friday, y’all should know the science; it’s a blessing to be here!

It’s going down on a Flashback Friday as we take it back to the future; y’all should know the signs per visualizing the sequence while you’re out here!

Should be doing the knowledge / jumping and recognizing so you can see what the style will be!

I keep telling y’all it’s  rough out here! from Ukraine where they’re still dealing with Russia to Buffalo to Uvalde Texas where they felt the pressure they can bear witness to where the foul will be! 

So what will the style be? we’re O-Dog Day Partying listening to Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 10.06.22

Check us out we’re all up in the heart of this thing!! check the playlist and the mix to see what’s up / what it do!!

1. Vintage Culture & Sonny Fodera feat. SHELLS – Nightjar (Riva Starr Bassbin Remix) [Defected] 00:00

2. BLOND:ISH, Francis Mercier & Amadou & Mariam – Sete [Insomniac Records] 05:24

3. Bassel Darwish – Every Day [Snatch! Records] 10:54

4. Diplo & Damian Lazarus feat. Jungle – Don’t Be Afraid (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape) [Higher Ground] 15:00

5. Xpansions – Everybody (Qubiko Remix) [Altra Moda] 21:08

6. Mike Dunn feat. LOA – When The Dust Clears [Defected] 25:30

7. MOST RATED: Purple Disco Machine & Bosq feat. Kaleta – Wake Up [Sony] 29:36

8. Dave Spoon – Steels (Catz ‘n Dogz Mix) [Toolroom] 35:14

9. Feiertag – How U Do It (Oliver Dollar Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv] 39:50

10. 4 To The Floor: Mateo & Matos – The Real Thing (KOT Underground Mix) [Glasgow Underground] 44:47

11. Harry Romero – Revolution (Deep In Jersey Mix) [DFTD] 50:09

12. Fyrone – Fakin’ The Jax [Lemon Aid Music] 53:23

13. SculpturedMusic – Speak Lord (Chymamusique Retro Remix) [House Afrika] 58:16

14. Sonar feat. Tikwe – More Life (EuphoriQsouL’s Touch) [Seres Producoes] 1:02:51

15. Elisa Elisa – Djembe Talk [Bambossa Recordings] 1:08:15

16. Milk & Sugar & CASSIMM feat. Ron Carroll – Spirit Of House [Milk & Sugar Recordings] 1:12:27

17. Joris Voorn – Sweep The Floor [Rejected] 1:17:43

18. Gerd – We Bring Muzik (Warehouse Dub) [Nu Groove Records] 1:22:35

19. Tiga – Mind Dimension (Ben Sterling Remix) [Different] 1:26:25

20. Alaia & Gallo feat. Dames Brown – Trippin (P.O.L Mix) [DFTD] 1:30:46

21. Pig&Dan – Let Yourself Unwind [Crosstown Rebels] 1:34:22

22. Reboot – Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Remix) [Defected] 1:40:00

23. Toman – Paradiso [No Art] 1:45:18

24. Dario D’Attis – Tanzstube [Hive Audio] 1:48:38

25. Herr Krank X Jean De La Fonk – Travelling Jazz [Helios Records

Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 03.06.22

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we jump right in to this Music Monday edition!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta, this is how we’re living!

On this June day? the temperature is rising but it’s still a cold world, some are out here shivering! some pay it no attention influenced by the vibes / sounds of the world.

Licentious, with full and part time elaborate fantasies built on these construction / corruption sites; a license to do this?

Or that; repercussions? life comes at you fast, some are now shaking after the drama unfurled.

Discussions heard? they’re flabbergasted by it, damn!! all it took was just a touch of darkness.

Meanwhile we’re spark this O-Dog Day Party off early, coming through listening to the Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 03.06.22

Check out the playlist and the mix so you can see what’s up / what it do!!

Ferreck Dawn feat. Izzy Bizu – Life [Defected]

Harry Romero & Inaya Day – Rise Up (Dub Mix) [Defected]

Bassel Darwish – Every Day [Snacth! Records]

Dennis Cruz – Ready For The Blues [Muse]

Yousef – Hear That Sound [DFTD]

Maya Jane Coles – What They Say (Late Replies Edit) [White Label]

David Penn feat. Leon Standford – Push The Feeling [Defected]

4 To The Floor: Osunlade – Momma’s Groove (Jimpster Hip Replacement Mix)

MOST RATED: Vintage Culture & Sonny Fodera feat. SHELLS – Nightjar (Riva Starr Bassbin Remix) [Defected]

Geoffrey C – This Is Hot (Yes Indeedy) [Unquantize]

Tuccillo – Amarena [Unblock]

Nic Joseph & Mizbee – On Me [Simma Black]

Claptone – Calabria [Defected]

Sophie Lloyd feat. Pauline Taylor – Angels By My Side (Floorplan Remix) [Classic Music Company]

Honey Dijon feat. Hadiya George – Not About You [Classic Music Company]

Demuir – Rizin’ [Snatch! Records]

Soul Of Hex – Say It Again [Delusions Of Grandeur]

Mike Steva Feat. Stevo Atambire – Destiny Song [Sondela Recordings]

Guy Gerber – What To Do (&ME Remix) [Rumors]

FKA Mash & Sio – Bumblebee [Sondela Recordings]

Gerd – We Bring Muzik (Warehouse Mix) [Nu Groove Records]

Pig&Dan – Rock You All Night [Crosstown Rebels]

Dave + Sam – Facts (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix) [Classic Music Company]

Notadoctor – Sunday Morning (The Cube Guys Mix) [Cube Recordings]

Girls Of The Internet – Sound Asleep [Classic Music Company]

Catz N Dogz (Episode #2) – Defected Broadcasting House Show

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition; plus, I guess you can say we’re O-Dog Day Partying!

Broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta, I guess you can say we’re in the heart of this thing!

What? local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers, but a dude still steers the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor!

Jokers are acting irrational / fanatical, when they “holla at a brotha” ; hatred they harbor!

They’ll try to start with a bro, but we’ll proceed and continue with this O-Dog Party! we’re listening to this Catz N Dogz (Episode #2) – Defected Broadcasting House Show

Check out the playlist and the mix , as we go for what we know!!

1. KAYTRANADA Feat. H.E.R. – Intimidated

2. Zombies in Miami & Lauer – Michelada

3. Eurythmics – Love is a Stranger

4. JAMIE – Mussoya (Panthera Krause Remix)

5. Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert feat. Zoot Woman – Something Unique

6. CavoDeep – Mail Man

7. King – Have it

8. Bob Sinclair & Nyv – Borderline

9. Mystic Bill – Body Moves (NYC Mix)

10. Chambray – Attire

11. Static Drum – Daddy Rich

12. Shitake – In the Age of Perfect Virtue

13. ID ?

14 ASAP Rocky – D.M.B. Remix ?

15. Jamie Jones – Paradise

16. Rhode & Brown & Benjamin Fröhlich – Days Of Innocence

17. MADVILLA – Freq Mode

18. Denyl Brook – I need it

19. Plush Managements inc. feat. Bea – Mr. Mailman

20. Sante Sansone – Exit

21. Sally C – Downtown

22. Space Jump – Make it

23. Lovebeads – This Is The Only Way (Mount Rushmore Superfly Mix)

24. Dutchican Soul & Yogi – Be Funky (CASSIMM Remix)

25. Make a Dance – I Need Somebody (Guilty Pleasures Extended Mix)

26. Melon Bomb – Nitty Gritty

27. Hauke Freer & Matthias Relling – Trying to make it Home

Diggin’ w/ Catz ‘N Dogz (Defected Broadcasting House)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we drop this soul food on a Monday morning. 

Actually, this meal is appropriate for any time period; we’re rocking these venues, period! excuse us but we’re O-Dog Day Partying!

Once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly, partying with a purpose is how we’re working this!

Basically? we’re just celebrating life, I keep telling y’all it’s a blessing to be here! I know some of y’all can bear witness!

Some of y’all know what the deal is, not out here tripping out / flipping out!! in the meantime and between time check out this Diggin’ w/ Catz ‘N Dogz (Defected Broadcasting House)

Check out the playlist and the mix, it’s going down from London to Atlanta somebody will understand a brotha  who’s getting breakbeat scientific with WBRO aka Brotha O Radio “all up in the house”.

1. Space Ghost – Emotional Healer

2. Sam Ruffillo – Danza Organica (Musumeci remix)

3. Bale Defoe – Unfortunate Soul Tie

4. Dj Nav – TU011

5. Nuances de Nuit – Obsession (T. Jacques Edit)

6. Nocturne Edits – Tell Me Why

7. Paris Brightledge – Deep in My Soul (Marshall Jefferson Remix)

8. Beanfield feat. Bajka (Toto Chiavetta Edition 2022)

9. Catz ‘n Dogz feat Megane Mercury – Kiki (Solomun Remix)

10. Original Rockers meets the Groove Corporation – Stoned (Kashmir Twist mix)

11. Jan Helmerding – Funky Shit (Zanzibar Edit)

12. Fierce Men On Wax – You Go Girl (Tribal Mix)

13. Catz ‘n Dogz – The Defected Anthem

14. Hotswing – To Be Real (Original Mix)

15. Honey Dijon feat. Latasha – Don’t Be Afraid (New Version Main)

16. Aardvarck – Cult Copy (2000 And One Remix)

17. Gallegos – Heavy Town

18. Andronicus – Make You Whole (Dusky Remix)

19. Space Jump – Make It (Matrefakt Remix)

20. Telephones – Aquatrak (FM AM Mix)

21. Asquith – Somebody

22. Tom Jay – Tell Me – Edible

23. Marco Tropeano – No Me Importa (Franky Rizardo Remix)

24. Edetto – Make It Work [EI8HT]

25. Giulia Tess – I Feel You [HE.SHE.THEY. ]

Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 18.03.22

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we set this Friday Night Fever edition off, we’re going off…

…on a tangent damn it; actually we’re already way way out there broadcasting live from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta; we’re going off!

WBRO, Brotha O Radio is setting it off on this wet Friday evening in Atlanta, providing bonus coverage per this episode!

We’re going for what we know, getting off! check us out as we go into party mode!

O-Dog DayPartying, coming through with this Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 18.03.22

Check out the playlist and the mix! this is what’s up / what it do!!

Harry Romero Feat. Inaya Day – Rise Up’ [Defected] 00:32

Polyrhythm Feat. Sheleah Monea – Cherish The Day (Norty Cotto Deepside Mix) [Open Bar Music] 05:55

Jack Back – Feeling [Defected] 10:31

Saison – Do You [Guesthouse Music] 13:51

Mike Dunn Feat. LOA – When The Dust Clears [Defected] 19:28

AZETE – The Chase [Saved Records] 23:43

Dirty Channels Feat. Debbie Jacobs – Let Love In (Vocal Mix) [Big Love] 27:36

MOST RATED: Dames Brown Feat. Andres & Amp Fiddler – What Would You Do (Two Soul Fusion Mix) [Defected] 32:28

Nick Curly – Sway [8Bit Records] 39:19

Colette & Joshua Heath – Call On Me (Gettoblaster & ZXX Remix) [Candy Talk] 42:54

Low Steppa & Saison – Dig Deep [DFTD] 46:44

Star B – Fire (Confidential Recipe Club Tool Mix) [Snatch!] 51:05

Jansons Feat. Notelle – Stutter [Circus Recordings] 54:10

Danny Tenaglia – Don’t Turn Your Back (Danny Tenaglia’s Paradise Mix) [Hot Creatons] 58:47

Hyenah & Rimarkable – The Manifesto [Rise Music] 63:28

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – A Dream I Have (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape) [Nice Age Records] 67:51

Nic Joseph & Mizbee – On Me [Simma Black] 73:22

Jamie 3:26 & Jurgen Bouman – Live My Life [Nu Groove Records] 77:28

Dan Corco – Burn After Reading [True Romance] 82:12

Marvin Aloys & LeSano – You Are The One (CASSIMM Remix) [Vivifier Records] 86:49

Chloé Caillet – Love Aint Over (Club Edit) [Xcess Recs] 89:53

Mystic Bill – Body Moves (House Stepper’s Mix) [Classic Music Company] 94:37

4 To The Floor: Bob Sinclar Feat. Lee A. Genesis – My Only Love [Yellow Productions] 98:12

Catz N Dogz Feat. Megane Mercury – Kiki (Solomon Remix) [Pets Recordings] 102:33

CAYAM – Voicebox [I/AM/ME] 107:56

youANDme & Kristina Sheli – Moment (Transcription Remix) [DFTD] 111:46

Austin Ato – When Love Is Tender [Phonica White] 117:30

Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 04.02.22

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Fabulous Friday, it’s the weekend baby!

Flashback Friday business is also recognized as past episodes are rectified even though it’s not all baby!!

Some might say it is but they’re just trying to play with this while we see that it’s serious!

Checking out the collateral damage, jokers are out here running around acting delirious!

Coming through in Aquarius season with the treason, from January to February we see 2022 is off to a rough start!

Jokers are acting nefarious, O-Zone is tried to tell the masses to stay strong with supreme courage and maximum strength; you’ve got to have heart. 

But we’ll proceed and continue setting this O-Dog Day Party off with this Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 04.02.22

Check out the playlist and the mix , from London to Atlanta this is what’s up / what it do!!

1. S.A.M. Feat. Sarah Ikumu – Spotlight [Defected]

2. LION BABE – Harder Feat. Busta Rhymes [White Label]

3. Low Steppa & Saison Feat. Sharlene Hector – Dig Down Deep [DFTD]

4. Kenny Dope Feat. Josh Milan – Be Your Freak (Kenny Dope Remix) [Dopewax]

5. youANDme & Kristina Sheli – Moment (Transcription Remix) [DFTD]

6. Brian Kage & Delano Smith – Keep ‘Em Movin’ [Michigander]

7. Mark Picchiotti presents The Absolute Feat. Suzanne Palmer – I Believe (Harry Romero Dub) [Glitterbox Recordings]

8. Ferreck Dawn X Jem Cooke – Back Tomorrow (GUZ Remix) [Defected]

9. MOST RATED: Danae – Flowers In The Garden [Bubble Tease Communications]

10. 4 To The Floor: Kevin Hedge – My Beat (David Harness Remix) [Slip N Slide]

11. Tuccillo Feat. Kindbud – Underground [House Of Tucci]

12. KiNK – Perth [Running Back]

13. Payphone – Day & Night [Defected]

14. Catz N Dogz Feat. Monty Luke – They Frontin’ [Get Physical]

15. Riva Starr – Without You [Cajual]

16. Risk Assessment Feat. Queen Rose – Dance With Me (Michael Grey Remix) [No Fuss Records]

17. Hardage Feat. Gil Scott-Heron – Hysterical Years (Enea DJ & DJ Lukas Wolf Remix) [BBR]

18. Cumhur Jay – Courage International [Riverette]

19. Honey Dijon & Tim. K Feat. John Mendelsohn – Thunda (Rampa Remix) [Classic Music Company]

20. Dido – Don’t Believe In Love (Dennis Ferrer Objektivity Mix) [Cheeky Records]

21. Dave + Sam – The Sauce (Manoo Buzzin Main Remix) [Classic Music Company]

22. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Sorry I’m Late [FFRR]

23. Loods – Walking Away [Classic Music Company]

24. Frankel & Harper – Trimmers (Instinct UK Remix) [Council Work]

Defected Radio Show Hosted by Rimarkable – 19.11.21

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Fabulous Friday, it’s a blessing to be here so check the celebration!

We’re O-Dog Day Partying! we’re dropping this sound plus O-Zone has this elaboration…

…aka the good word; we’re trying to put this good work in blue collar style, in a breakbeat scientific manner. 

It’s going down like this! we’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta!

We’re coming through listening to this Defected Radio Show Hosted by Rimarkable – 19.11.21

Check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific; once again it’s on!!

David Penn – Losing You (Crusy & KPD Remix) [Urbana Records]

Matonii – There’s Another Way [Motive Records]

N-You-Up Feat. LATASHÁ – Play [Papa Records]

Cuillère – JeT’aime [No Fuss Records]

Spiller Feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Groovejet (If This Aint Love) (Riva Starr Disco Odyssey Mix) [Defected] X Mike Dunn – Natural High (Dirty Channels Accapella) [Glitterbox Recordings]

JKriv Feat. Norman Vladimir – The Way [Glitterbox Recordings]

Lauhaus & Mario Franca – For Real [Oh! Records]

Catz ‘N Dogz Feat. ZENSOFLY & Maxville – Wave [Pets Recordings]

Austin Ato – What You Want [Classic Music Company]

4 To The Floor: 4th Measure Men – 4 You (MK Remix) [4 To The Floor]

MOST RATED: Ash Lauryn – Dancin In The D [FWM Entertainment]

Fiorious X Deetron – Let It Burn [White Label]

Kenny Dixon Jr. – January [Soul City]

Shimmer Or Glimmer – Olive T [Sorry Records]

Rahsaan Patterson – Sweet Memories (Reimagined by Quentin Harris Remix) [Shanachie Entertainment]

Kimyon Feat. Bridget Barkan – Waiting [NO AGENDA Records]

Gregor Salto, Funkin Matt & Lilitha – Not For Me [Salto Sounds]

Eli Escobar – Just Work [Night People NYC]

Matrefakt – Reasons [Abandon Silence]

Save & Little By Little – Yallec (Little By Little Edit) [Minimal Kids]

TSHA – Power (Floorplan Remix) [Ninja Tune]

Oskar Szafraniec Feat. Very Addictive – Borderline [Closed Circuits]

Tumelo – I Fantasize (Zepherin Saint Mix) [Tribe Records]

Homeboyz & Kyaku Kyadaff – Nkolwa (DJEFF Remix) [Kazukuta Records]

Masters At Work – It’s What We Live, It’s What We Are (Made In Ibiza Studios Mix) [MAW Records]

Room 206 – DanTown Classic [White Label]

Aline Rocha Feat. Aria Lyric – Preach (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix) [Quantize Recordings]

Defected Radio Show Hosted by Rimarkable – 22.10.21

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as as we drop this sound on the masses on a Fabulous Friday!

It’s a blessing to be here, we remember how we got here per Flashback Friday business; God made a way..

…out of no way; so here we are today handling this breakbeat scientific business. 

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; my constituents know what the deal is!

They know what the real is as we drop this Defected Radio Show Hosted by Rimarkable – 22.10.21.

Check out the playlist and the mix; O-Dog Day Partying to this! once again it’s on!

1. Catz ‘N Dogz Feat. Megane Mercury – Kiki [Pets Recordings]

2. Andrea Oliva – Playa [All I Need]

3. DJ Lora & James Geary – Never Let Go [Phoenix Music]

4. Dames Brown Feat. Andres & Amp Fiddler – What Would You Do [Defected]

5. Willie Ninja – Hot (Louie Vega & Josh Milan Remix) [Nervous Records]

6. MOST RATED: Floorplan – Out Of Control [Classic Music Company]

7. Joe Ventura Feat. Sulene Fleming – Shame (Doug Gomez Dub) [Big Speaker Music]

8. Demarkus Lewis – Funk City [HOUPH]

9. Dunmore Brothers – Obsessed [Saved Records]

10. Nathan Barato – Hard Werq [Defected] X Radio Slave – Jus Werkapella [Work Them Records]

11. Eats Everything – Think About The Revolution [UNCAGE]

12. 4 To The Floor: Chicken Lips – He Not In (Noir’s Personal Edit) [Defected]

13. Blake Baxter – Where Were You [Suspected Music]

14. Dirty Secretz – Eternity [Spacedisco Records]

15. Tink Thomas – Won’t Be Denied (Tink Thomas Mix) [MMP Records]

16. DJ Spen Presents Sync Mafia – BANG (Geoffrey C & Kasper Burnstein Remix) [Unquantized]

17. Terrence Parker – Alarm The Sound (Dirty Channels Remix) [Abstract TheoryRecords]

18. Danny Howard – Mr B [DFTD]

19. Steve Bug – Going Up [Moon Harbour]

20. Sacred H3art – Life On PS4 [White Label]

21. Angelos & Da Mike – In Your Head [Saved Records]

22. Vanco – La’Ville [Sondela Recordings]

23. P.U.D.G.E – WEEKHOUSE [White Label]

24. Jon Dixon Feat. Moodymann & Kasan Belgrave – On My Own [4evr 4wrd]

25. The Mechanical Man – Pump Point [Release Sustain]

26. Noni & Anthony Pearson – Be My Friend [Rush Hour]

Defected Radio Show hosted by Rimarkable – 09.07.21

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Fabulous Friday, it’s a blessing to be here!

Y’all should already the signs, or y’all should read the signs while you’re out here..

…on this Flashback Friday as we get retro futuristic with it so we won’t miss it while we’re in the present..

Multi-dimensional plus we’re intentional coming through trying to erase the deficit..

…as we get with it O-Dog Day Partying in the midst of it listening to 

Check out the playlist and the mix as we do this, once again it’s on!

1. The Shapeshifters feat. Aria Lyric – YOLO [Glitterbox Recordings]

2. East Coast Love Affair – Shake [Athens Of The North]

3. Adam Nova – Dancin [M2MR]

4. DJ Romain & Danny Krivit – Philly Groove (Kenny Dope Main Remix) [Glitterbox Recordings]

5. Tedd Patterson – Love Is The Answer (Tedd Patterson’s Dub Is The Answer) [Nervous Records]

6. 4 To The Floor : Louie Vega & Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee Starring Julie McKnight – Diamond Life [4 To The Floor Records]

7. Joseph Ashworth – Cobalt (Janpler & Paytric’s Deeper Love Edit) [Siamese]

8. Dario Nunez – MAMBO [Soleado Recordings]

9. Catz ‘N Dogz – Use Your Mind [DFTD]

10. Gabriels – Love & Hate In A Different Time (Kerri Chandler Remix) [Parlophone]

11. MOST RATED: Inaya Day – Feelin’ Feelin’ (12 Inch Vocal Club Mix) [String International]

12. Make A Dance – Somebody [M.A.D Sounds]

13. Harry Romero – I Love [Nu Groove Records] X Spencer K & Matt Sassari – House Music (Acapella) [DFTD]

14. Col Lawton & Glass Slipper – All Day Everyday (Oscar P Rework) [Open Bar Music]

15. Ralph Session & Carla Prather – You Know You Want To Get Up (Oliver Dollar & Jason Hodges Remix) [Half Assed]

16. Floyd Lavine, Sparrow & Barbossa and Josh Milan – When I’m With You [Redolent]

17. Carl Craig – Angel (Jerome Sydenham Special Edit) [Ibadan Records]

18. Maxinne – Let It Ride (Avision Remix) [Knee Deep In Sound] X Mr. V – Jus Dance (Acapella) [Defected]

19. R.E.A.D – Where’s My Phone [Ocha Records]

20. Eldon UK – Booty Shaker (DJ Deeon Rework) [Four Thirty Two]

21. Dunmore Brothers feat. Ayaba Poetic – Step Closer (Jansons Remix) [Snatch! Records]

22. Trilogy Inc – 313 [Nu Groove]

23. Reggie Dokes – Looking Back (Yoruba Soul Dub) [Reggie Dokes Music]

24. Hanna – I Needed [Melodies International]

25. Arooj Aftab – Last Night [New Amsterdam]