Santana – Fried Neckbones And Home Fries

Digital Crate Digging Continues…digging deep in the crates for this one…dust is everywhere!!

Checking out some rock / latin jazz from  Santana with Fried Neckbones And Home Fries …now that sounds good!! anyway…check it out y’all !!



Carlos Santana & Gato Barbieri “Europa” (live, 1977)

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out this rare footage of   Carlos Santana & Gato Barbieri “Europa” performed live in 1977.  Latin jazz / rock at its finest!! check it out!!

Carlos Santana & Wayne Shorter – Once It’s Gotcha

Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out some classic jazz / funk  / rock from none other than Carlos Santana & Wayne Shorter with a track called  Once It’s Gotcha.

This was recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1988.  They have some all star musicians rolling with them!! Check out the band and the funky track!!


Carlos Santana, Song Of The Wind

Sunday Jazz Continues….starting off things a little different than usual…listening to some Latin jazz / rock from Santana…with a cut called Song of The Wind…from Carlos Santana’s “Caravanserai” album put out in 1972….this is classic material!!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Carlos Santana, Song Of The Wind.

The I-20 Chronicles / Knowing How The Sport Will Go

Chilling out; Gemini sun rays beam down on me while the Moon was in Scorpio!

Damn!!! what am I dealing with? why did I try touching back down on earth like the Space X Dragon?  knowing how the sport will go!

Damn!!! what am I dealing with? I already knew these earthlings didn’t want to do right like Dudley!

….Capers were pulled like Mubarak…actors and actresses followed scripts….some peeps were fooled;  perpetrators were over in Decatur or out in Lithonia chilling at Dudley’s! 

Whats up with it? not disputing the truth like Express Scripts.. these I-20 Chronicles will let you know how how the sport will go! 

Whats up with these or those? trying to throw no-hitters like they were Johan Santana…they didn’t want to work with me; who will support a bro?  check out the rest of this article at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The I-20 Chronicles / Knowing How The Sport Will Go.