They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Five)

It’s going down as Saturday morning shifts to Saturday afternoon on New Year’s Eve, but the science dropped is appropriate for any time frame!

My people? they need to recognize the pattern, the apparatus will try to play a mind game..

..or two so what it do? damn! some are ready to move forward while others couldn’t find the pause button for the passage of time. 

They tried to chill out in comfort zones but soon they got uncomfortable, it seems like renewal or peace is hard to find. 

Recognize the pattern as others tried to fill the atmosphere with chaos and confusion even though the new  year is here, meanwhile I’m about peace not pugnacious!

But the iconoclastic go ballistic,  like North Korea shooting missiles  or sending Iranian drones to Ukraine like Russia increasing the pressure,   we’ll see what the deal is!

Check this out at They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Five)


Jumping and Recognizing (The Scripture and Mixture PT.2)

jump to the same conclusion I have….

Jumping like Terrell Owens or Randy Moss in their prime;  catching the touchdown pass…

Recognizing the pattern, now going for what I’m knowing!!  paying the cost to be the boss!! Maybe getting up like Lebron James or maybe Kobe when he was in his prime!!  catch the alley oop pass…

Oops!! some won’t pass the test!!  *Sometimes A Rose By Any Other Name Can Be Anything But Sweet*

Didn’t Have To Look Twice or Think Twice per Donald Byrd!! it was touch and go!!  not all sweet..

Some may Jump To The Same Conclusion I Have!!  This World Is Wicked!!  mentioned per an earlier episode on my satellite station!!  Check It Out!!!

Found that out while I was Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics; Lost!! Out There!! in the Perfect Storm /  like James 1:6 blown and tossed about!!!

What’s it all about? we’re dealing with these fanatics like North Koreans vs Sony that’ll hack this!!  but in Brooklyn NYPD officers deal with retribution, check out the fire shower!!!

Somebody said it was the prelude to Armageddon so what’s up with them?  like Ferguson jokers they  stockpile the firepower!!!

Finding the fast forward button?  the final hour will be reached Sooner Or Later!!   like an old school song I was listening to by Larry Graham;  hell of a bass player..

A Punishment glutton inflicts pain on them self!!  as this brotha said a prayer…

Jump To The Same Conclusion I Have!! word from  A Boss Player running it like it’s a Hood Thing..

Rich get richer / poor get poorer;  if money trickles down?  it’ll be a good thing…

But corporations hide the money offshore like a slick pitcher throwing curve balls and sliders;  average citizens like us are easy to strike out!!

Back in the day?  La Cosa Nostra tried to eliminate Rudy;  turning lights out…

Turning lights out and the T.V. off!!!…don’t want to see crap like  Dancing With The Stars..

This brotha puts work in studying the stars per the Capricorn New Moon and The Winter Solstice!  my soul got restless as Mystic Voyages were taken!!  trying to reach the stars…

Healing emotional scars!!  strengthened!! Feeling Like A Giant Standing Alone Against The World!!

Maybe others are jumping and recognizing!!  after the drama unfurled…