Card Carrying Members PT.2 / Whats In Your Wallet?

What it do? whats in your wallet?  we were denied access!!  thought and fashion police said this spot is for card-carrying members only!

What it do?  like Republicans shutting down the government..will authority be defied?  fantasy and reality are clashing!! O-Zone  never forgot..he remembers how the danger zone will be!

Going in / getting it in..thats whats up with me…O-Dizzle is smashing beats!! check the blend!! plus check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!

…Rebuking the meals prepared by chefs in hells kitchen; no nourishment !!  they just lead to malnutrition!

North Korean threats of nuking left some in a foul disposition…plus chemical weapons were held by Syrians!

Abort your mission I was told!!  threats were made by thought and fashion police because I wasn’t a card-carrying member!! but  I didn’t consider them serious ones!

Whats in your wallet? how much money is in your pocket?  these days?  they’re serious ones!! I  spotted squatters  ….posted up in the foreclosed home over in Atlanta or Decatur!

Its rough on these ATLiens!!  Bulldogs, Yellowjackets, Falcons, Braves and the Hawks losing!! but down I-20 in Atlanta I’m cruising… rocking Louisville Cardinals gear!!  was I considered a hater?

Its rough out here!!  vacationers in Belize consider retiring there..posting up permanently!

Its rough out here!!  I’m a card-carrying member!! in the paint I’m posted up…who will work with me? 

Showing restraint or get toasted!!  soon caught out there in the system / matrix!

Showing that the pain didn’t get to us!! as we coasted through the galaxy genuine / authentic when we kick it!

Thats the ticket!!  even though we weren’t card-carrying members!

Whats in your wallet? we choose to rock it!! breakbeat scientific when we kick it!! word from these sonic defenders!