All Is Well? Please!! Life Is Hectic!! (WordPress Edition)

Don’t be acting like all is well!! per Ferguson and NYC chokeholds represented lovely by Berkeley you should see the reign of terror is still ongoing.

I was fortunate enough to dip to safe havens and safe harbors;  the healing process is ongoing.

Per Cam Newton wrecking out I know how the sport can get; chilling out!! spiritual strength is growing!!  especially after observing the scene.

Not acting brand new son!! but I’m Ready to roll and I’m going the length in the upcoming episodes;  soon hitting up the scene.

The scene was full of commerce!!  it seems cash was flowing but people are still suffering.

APEC Summits and G20 meetings in Brisbane took place;  but people are still suffering.

O-Dog’s drum kit provided the rebuttal; he’s not an armchair quarterback in the huddle!!  its nothing for him to hook up a track.

Not acting brand new in the ongoing spiritual warfare!! all is not well!! that’s why were  swinging a Sonic Blackjack.

Not acting brand new son!! even though O-Zone will fall back and hit the reset button.

Not acting brand new son!! word from a veteran in the game that’s on to something.

Knowing something; life is hectic!! but some of these jokers will skin and grin!! they’ll tell you all is well!!

Knowing something; toil and strife show us we’re disrespected; they want us all to fail!!




Jokers were politicking….I heard what was said…some were talking junk… others  were tricking;  they said they had it!

Others were kicking knowledge supposedly like Mitt Romney at the debate... rolling like Michael Jackson ….bad with it!

What will the response be? I’m peeping did the fad get? like  Nehru and Members Only jackets it was played out after a while!!

Sleeping in the game?  like so called friendly fire killed the Border Patrol agent?  you get gaffled that way!!  rough like the Members Only episode of The Sopranos…meanwhile my staff will play the brand new funk on Cd’s, cassettes, MP3s, and vinyl!

Whose politicking up in this piece  like its the presidential campaign?

Some said were behind schedule because we didn’t participate…but actually were a step ahead;  just trying to maintain!

What did one gain?  politicking!!  rolling in the Lexus …swagging…the license tag said hurt em bad!

The vanity plate on the Fleetwood Brougham over in Decatur said blessed and highly favored; but old girl was dragging baggage like Erykah  Badu mentioned…what about the drama they had?

I heard what was said.. the politicking;  some work the angles and opposites!

….Said they’re scientific like Sir Isaac Newton but acting brand new again…now  matching composites!

A fanatic shows flashes of brilliance like Cam Newton but they aren’t ready!

Erratic when they’re politicking ….asking what the deal is with job reports like Mitt Romney;  what will the response be? cons will be running games.. they’ll get rocked steady!

Anita Baker – Fairy Tales

Digital Crate Digging Continues….riding down I-20 in Atlanta aka Black Hollywood….BET Awards weekend…Atlanta Football Classic with FAMU and Southern…Braves playing…Falcons playing Cam Newton and Carolina Panthers on Sunday….its on and popping

….listening to WCLK  91.9….they put on this smooth track by Anita Baker..called Fairy Tales off of her Compositions album…the album included musicians Greg Phillinganes, Nathan East, Paulinho da Costa, Vernon Fails, Ricky Lawson, and Stephen Ferrone. …now I’m in chill mode…check it out