Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Attack Zone Type Business

Spring is here!! seasons change…summer is almost here… it’s time for these clearance rack epiphanies.

Doing the damn thing!!  reasons didn’t change!!  naw!!  the Scorpio Full Moon was kind of a rebirth but I’m still sticking to the original’s all about freedom!!  interference from the devil is expected as we do these.

Chilling out on some Outback Chronicle type of business…I was trying to ease off the set!! ride off into the sunset like cowboy movies.

Please!! I had to fire warning shots at squirrels trying to get on the roof!!  I have to carry a sword of truth with me!! now check the theories..I have to show and prove these.

Please!!  no shop and frisk like Macy’s or Barney’s when these epiphanies are put on the clearance rack!!

Please!! NYC will still handle the stop and frisk type business though..check us out as we do what we do!!  the system didn’t give us clearance for that!

I was going out for a pass but the official didn’t call interference for that!! the defensive back was all over me!!

Ghetto passes revoked for those acting false in the hood per the Deliberate Falsehood?  like Turkish mine disasters? some want it to be over for me..

I didn’t let go…please!!  I dipped back to the community like Mark Jackson back to ESPN…getting over the hump will be the business..

I didn’t let go…plus I exercised diplomatic immunity we move to the next level  like California Chrome  winning the Preakness..

But…I had to let go as I freak these Clearance Rack Epiphanies.. like California wildfires the situation is hot….it’s based on hearing ear shattering gunshots  that exploded around me…

Now I’m handling attack zone business…shoppers know what the deal is…funky is how the sound will be…


That’s Where They Lost Me

It’s going down!!  I’m doing the math..soon paying the price!! I’m  trying to see how much it’ll cost me.

These corporations and other institutions are price gouging per Clark Howard..that’s where they lost me.

Abort operations?  some need to!!  their performance is way off!! just like they botched the execution out in Oklahoma.

The sport is complex.. but I meet my obligations;   now spectators act like they know a brotha!!

…even speculators try to act like they know a brotha!!  they see me paying the price.

Bets were placed like it’s the Kentucky Derby… those haters owe me a rebate!!  please!!  this “ain’t nothing nice”

I’m rolling like California Chrome…last summer I was rolling on California Chrome out on I-580 / 880 out in Oakland..when I was West Coasting…

I’m currently rolling down I-20 in Atlanta…that’s the usual Saturday business..but I’m not bragging or boasting..

Spaced out!!  intergalactic!!  but drama is out here!!  storm troopers were like Georgia state troopers handling Nathan Shady Deal’s business.

They raced out ahead of other haters!!  opting out of Obamacare!!  said they weren’t going there!!  we know what the deal is.

We know what the real is;  they’ll stick a cheap statue of Martin Luther King Jr  up..but what good does it do ?

That’s where they lost me;  knowing what it’ll cost me…but I know what it do.

…acting like I knew;  as I govern myself accordingly per the old school baptist preacher.

…acting like I we get breakbeat scientific with it;  were just trying to reach ya!