Lounge Beats Poolside Vol. 9 | Deep House Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Throwback Thursday edition!

Also acknowledging that it’s a Thankful Thursday, it’s a blessing to be here! showing gratitude is how we’re living!

O-Dog Day Partying celebrating life ignoring the toil and strife but not burying our heads in the sand!

We’re in the heart of this thing, the toil and strife! please! this is not Mamby Pamby Land!

The saga / struggle continues but the good word and good music is on these menus: at the moment we’re listening to Lounge Beats Poolside Vol. 9 | Deep House Mix

It’s courtesy of the Rhythm Republic, check the playlist and the mix to see what’s up with it! 

1. Buscemi – Seaside feat. Isabelle Antena

2. Christos Fourkis – Colors of Jazz

3. AM Roots – Cool Down – (Rancido’s Travelling Soul Mix)

4. Knee Deep – All About Love feat. Cathy Battistessa (Vocal Mix)

5. Fizzikx – Tropical Life (Original Mix)

6. Jet feat. ZG. DR – Rooted (Earnshaw’s Deeply Dub)

7. Master Mello – Believe (feat. Jaidene Veda, Kafele Bandele)

8. Bittersuite – Life Cycle

9. Kiko Navarro feat. Isis “Apache” Montero – Shining (DJ Spen Dub Edit)

10. Jihad Muhammad – Ascension (Piano Mix)

11. J. Axel – Crowns on the Tower

12. Koyla feat. Jrod Indigo – Promise Land (Original Mix)


Lounge Beats Vol. 7 | Smooth Deep House Lounge Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check these menus as we come through on a Saturday afternoon..

The vibes are good for anytime frame, rebuking any mind game; the apparatus wants to see us swoon…

Like the GOP vs the Electoral College they’ll play some kind of game to cause chaos and confusion…

See me and my people in the sport, the mothership gets good mileage!! down I-20 in Atlanta we’re cruising..

….the gateway to the universe, now check us out as we hit you up with the sound and a verse…

…or two or three; what it do? what it be? we’re lounging listening to Lounge Beats Vol. 7 | Smooth Deep House Lounge Mix! check out how it works..

Check out the playlist and the mix, this is courtesy of the Rhythm Republic, so what’s up with it? Afternoon Jazzing with it!! this is a good way to start 2021…

Check us out; we’re not playing with this it’s serious!! I guess you can say we’re on one..

1. Joi – Cravin’ (Joe’s Deep House Mix)

2. DJ Lunique (SA) – Instru

3. 2XM – Railei Part II (feat. Jimmy Rainey)

4. Mustafa – Aqui Se Faz Aqui Se Page (Groove Assassin Remix)

5. Louie Vega Starring Caron Wheeler – A New Day (Vega Tosca Solo Mix)

6. Quentin Harris ft. Cordell McClary – Traveling (Big Room Mix)

7. Rawdio – Love You So

8. Buscemi feat. Isabelle Antena – Nothing to Worry About

9. Hideo Kobayashi – Shiroi Mayu (Harley & Muscle Deep Mix)

10. m.O.N.R.O.E., Adisyn – Terminal Bliss (Atjazz Galaxy Art Remix)

11. Veena Harlem – Break It Down

12. Chanwill Maconi – Black Reality (Kvrbo Remix)



Lounge Beats Vol. 1 | Smooth Deep House Lounge Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Flashback Friday; also a Fabulous Friday because we’re blessed to be here to see it!!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; O-Zone mentioned retro futurism earlier; bear witness to it!!

My people are going through it but we know what to do about it; we’ll let the music play…

Uplifting the spirit so my people won’t fear it, especially if they follow the old school Baptist preacher’s advice; let us pray…

Back in the lab after some Outback Chronicle type of business, raking leaves scattered across the yard due to Hurricane Zeta hitting the Atlanta area..

Back in rehab? being out back was therapeutic as those faking deceive the masses during this 2020 Election, check the mass hysteria..

Back in rehab? back in the lab with the beat therapy, listening to Lounge Beats Vol. 1 | Smooth Deep House Lounge Mix

We’re lounging chief!! this is courtesy of the Rhythm Republic check the playlist and the mix to see what’s up with it as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

1. Osunlade and Carlos Mena – Los Tambores Te Llaman (Original Mix)

2. Buscemi – Viaje Feliz

3. Chaos In The CBD – Global Erosion

4. Migosy – Skyline (Rancido Deep Journey Main Mix)

5. King Bizza Keys – Jazzenco

6. Loure – Keep It Real

7. José Padilla – Day One

8. Lunare Project – Moonlight feat. Jaidene Veda (Eric Kupper Remix)

9. Scott Diaz – Take A Chance

10. Rick Wade – Jazz Torrent

11. Sue Avenue – Function

12. Smoothless – Smooth Light (Original mix)


John Beltran – Kissed By The Sun (Buscemi Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per #JazzAppreciationMonth: We’re checking out some jazzdance / house music provided by John Beltran with a track called Kissed By The Sun (Buscemi’s Afrosoul Mix). Let’s Go!!