We’re Getting Busy (Part Six)

Check us out as Monday morning has pulled up on us; it’s business as usual, you’ll probably catch us getting busy! 

Check us out as we proceed and continue to handle business before it handles us , that’s what the deal will be!

On the road? out on I-20 here in Atlanta the Ford went vroommm but guides told us to zoom in to follow the light.

Robotic like Kelly Westworld Louffler? blind vision brokers? rolling like Trump with rigged elections rhetoric; that’s their mode as they mention the evergreen; per the Christmas holiday? it seemed to be fake / artificial tree insight

I guess the joke is on us as we continue to get busy; tape couldn’t measure the pressure.

Escape routes blocked when we try to ride out! told to deal with the issue

Check this out at We’re Getting Busy (Part Six)