Knocked Off Balance PT.4 / Recalculation / Recalibration

Tapping on the calculator or on the Dell computer like an accountant….trying to make the books balance!


Guns were clapping on a foul hater like its The Taliban in Pakistan!  drama?  some found it!!  as crooks  continue to show malice!


….ones who were in mamby pamby land?   or Alice in Wonderland residents? they aren’t hip to that and this!


Some understand me when I drop this breakbeat science….Its Gotta Be Good!!  just  like that and like this!

List of atheists (surnames L to M)


Dipping out I-20 in Atlanta….caught behind Subaru Outbacks that were lolly-gagging!


Jokers were  flipping out like  Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Boston ;  what it do?  whats the cost son?  brothas and sistas?  they’re red flagging!


Others were waiting on the dragon to return;   they’re hoping Bruce Lee can straighten things out!


Others were waiting in the dark hoping Rambo or Chuck Norris can straighten things out!


Shots ring out in hoods from Decatur Georgia to Louisville / Newburg!

Whats good?  jokers were flexing like North Korea with their missiles… with the apparatus?  some didn’t merge!


Now the power will surge during the ongoing storm…check the scenario;  some will be knocked off balance!

Chicago Bulls logo


Some flex their power like the Chicago Bulls bullying the Brooklyn Nets..tipping the scales after they show malice!


Whats next?  the arch nemesis was on the premises..the palace was invaded!


Whats next?  the empty promises were heard…. but we know how foul it is / how shady it is!


Its Shady Like Grady!!  enhanced by Smoke and Mirrors..a Fresh Vision  is needed…its hard to maintain balance!


……Of course the parade will be rained on during the storm…as haters show malice!