Just Saying A Few Words Per This HumpDay Extravaganza

Digital Crate Digging Continues per The HumpDay Extravaganza, but I just wanted to say few words.

Digital? analog? some are digging O-Dog Radio, as it’s usually blasting!!  now I’ll hit you up with nouns and verbs.

Hot In Cleveland, but not the show!!  Cleveland Indians win the first game of the World Series and the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the New York Knicks after collecting championship rings…

Hot yesterday!! raking leaves and cutting grass!!  reflecting, doing the knowledge no cutting class, dealing with the next episode reality brings…

Not living in Yesterday like the Beatles, I did the math seeing what the street does!! now broadcasting live from the ATL!  home of Busters and Herbs per old school hip hop terminology?

That’s an opinion,  jive turkeys will fail based on what the street does!! now busted and disgusted!!  I’m even trying to get someone to work with me.

Jokers abandoned me like insurance companies undercutting Obamacare!! I still take it there!! you heard me broadcasting live from this planet called Atlanta.

Love abandoned me per Rose Royce,  plus I was rolling in a hooptie not a Rolls Royce!! damn!! lights blinked on the instrument panel on southbound I-75 outside of Atlanta!!  this is where the mothership landed a brotha.

I mentioned before brothas are gonna work it out coming through in the clutch per Willie Hutch,  right on time per Brothers Johnson.

Oh yes!! we’ll work it out!! just saying a few words, plus per this HumpDay Extravaganza the sounds are blasting!! the masses are responding.

Massive! that’s word per the Jamaican transponding / transcending through time and space like Usain Bolt.

We keep fighting, like Donald Trump vs Joe Biden?  please!! politicians were lying / faking!!  soon struck by a lightning bolt.


Extraordinary PT.4 (They’re Through With This)

It’s going down!!  they said I’m playing it like Vladimir Putin!! acting extra!!  they said I’m acting brand new with this.

I felt the vibe;  jokers were playing me like  I looted the treasury per the International Monetary Fund!!  plus the careless whispers and sideways glances provided revelations;  some act like they’re through with this.

The careless whispers weren’t the George Michael type!! some of these jokers believed the hype!!  they thought it was all about the fun/ funds!!  I guess the next level business had them confused.

…They’re mad because I didn’t join the corporation where folk are used and abused.

Breakbeat scientific methods are used; rocking the baldy in this sport but we walked through like a dread!! damn!!  the timing was perfect / impeccable.

Right On Tine Per The Brothers Johnson!!  beholding the beauty as I do my duty!! I wasn’t fooling with the Walking Dead!! this is extraordinary!!  but some will disrespect a bruh.

What were these brothers and sisters on?  some were misled / waiting in the dark!! I heard them “snoking and joking”  others were “skinning and grinning”

I was letting the hustlers hustle and the players play;  I’m all about winning.

They said I was acting extra!!  just call it extraordinary.

Now they’re through with this;  at the end of the day?   like the weekend of resistance in Ferguson theyll see its revolutionary.

Discussions about freedom aren’t arbitrary like union negotiations with management…

This breakbeat scientific business is extraordinary; even if we did or didn’t do it somebody would damn it!!

The Saga / Struggle Continues : Still Doing The Knowledge

The saga / struggle continues!! but there’s no information overload due to the intelligence gathering.

NSA, FBI,  and other alphabet boys play with their toys while O-Zone drops math up in this thing.

Danger zone transformations have some in pimp mode!! they’re  rocking white Steve Maddens like they were Billy White Shoes Johnson!!

The stranger spotted was just a clone!! what was he on?  while parking lot pimping I spotted him reading Strawberry Letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson. 

No strawberry letters per the Steve Harvey Show!! so what’s the response son? so what’s really working?

Dude was reading the players manual!!  plus he had the flashlight on in the day time!!  searching!!

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