Brother Jack McDuff and David Newman / Duffin Round

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this vintage soul / jazz from Brother Jack McDuff & David Newman ….with a track called Duffin Round..check out the players and the track..

Brother Jack McDuff – Hunk O’ Funk

Sunday Jazz Continues…but organist  Brother Jack McDuff said he had a Hunk of Funk to drop on us!!

This is off of his To Seek A New Home album that came out back in 1970…

Check out the players and the track…

  • Brother Jack McDuff – organ, piano
  • Martin Drover, Terry Noonan, Bud Parks – trumpet
  • John Bennett, Adrian Drover – trombone
  • David Statham, Willie Watson – french horn
  • Norman Leppard, Dick Morrissey, Jack Whitford, Dave Willis – reeds
  • Typhena Partridge – harp
  • J.J. Jackson – piano, percussion
  • Terry Smith – guitar
  • Larry Steele – electric bass
  •  Phil Leaford – drums