Grey Area Scenarios PT.4

Concepts are revisited like family reunions for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.

Check these Grey Area Scenarios;  for some ? things are all good!!  for others the outlook is a bleak one.

During the ongoing streak one wins or loses or it can be a tie like soccer.

…Or like hockey;  meanwhile the system will jock me  and my kind; like Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri  they want to see me in a hurt locker.

Grey area scenarios are going down! vague like Ferguson police reports concerning the shooting!! the truth some are disputing!! but some may have heard O-Dizzle is the chief rocker.

The O-Dog Podcast will confirm that!! that’s what we’re working with in this sport!! some will get what’s coming to them like Israeli ships at the Port of Oakland!!  last year a bruh was chilling out in Oakland!! O-Zone is a rocker!!

Like British Jihadists beheading James Foley  fantasy and reality combine to make the unkind; some have lost their mind!!  O-Zone will confront a hustle knocker.

It’s rough out here!!! understand me? reality checks are cashed and after they were earned by this blue collar clocker

It’s rough out here like Mike Vick without blockers as a Falcon and Eagle but now with the Jets; as we scramble like Randall.

…Cunningham ; these haters thought they were cunning and clever man!!  the structure will get hit up by a vandal.

The arch nemesis is on the premises trying to handle business;  that can be good or bad.

That’s how grey area scenarios go down!!  like Walter White some will even break bad.