HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful FIX | August 6, 22

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition! of course we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta. 

We hit the ground running earlier with some Morning Jazz from Rahsaan Roland Kirk putting in work, meanwhile O-Zone is updating the Captain’s Log like Captain Kirk! it’s a big world / universe somebody will understand a brotha…

…thats out here trying to work it all out! I had to get the machine set so I could Rage Against The Machine like the group. 

It’s rough out here, the devil and his advocates burglarized the structure! I want it all back like the Tye Tribbett gospel song! joy and peace? I’m trying to recoup!

With this good word the Brotha O-Zone will let you know the scoop, but at the moment? excuse us as we set this O-Dog Day Party off with this HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful FIX | August 6, 22 courtesy of beyond72!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we rock this and that zone!! this is what’s up / what it do!!


Brian Jackson – Little Orphan Boy (Two Soul Fusion Dub)

DJ Beloved, Reggie Steele, Feluke – Feluke

DJ Clock – This Love Needs Another Try [feat. Mlu & Man D]

Mike City, Ian Friday – Seems Like Forever (Reggie Steel Remix Vocal)

Dirty Harry – Stay Forever

Beloved & J Keyz – Cloudy Days (BPM After Dark Mix)

DJ Beloved, Storm – Let Me (Deep Soul Syndicate Remix)

Distant People – Given To Me (Instrumental Mix)

Ron Carroll, Aires Adora – Waited (BPM After Dark Remix)

DJ Beloved, Dave Drake, Dennis Hilliman – Saxophone Madness (Beloved & DJ Spen Remix)

Vick Lavander Ft RJ Green – Revisited After Party For Two

Ricci Melillo – Two Hearts (Bounce Mix)

Glenn Underground – Jaz Love

Underground Solution – Luv Dancin’ (In Deep Mix)

Earth People – Dance (Luigy Rework)

Dj ‘S’ – Dance To The Music Dance

Folamour – Essential Mix, BBC Radio1

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, check us out as we do our due diligence…

…which is dropping this good word and the sound, my constituents know what the deal is!

They can feel this as we get breakbeat scientific; they won’t need to leave the state like Texas Democrats 

….opposing proposed Texas voter suppression laws that have so many flaws; y’all know we’re dealing with The Big Lie fanatics!

Nevertheless we’re back with this dropping mathematics plus this sound coming through listening to the Folamour – Essential Mix, BBC Radio1

Check out the playlist and the mix he’s got a sonic smorgasbord! once again it’s on!

Check this out at Folamour – Essential Mix, BBC Radio1

Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – It’s Your World

Sunday Jazz Continues; your dude is out here trying to do a little something…

Digital crate digging continues, it’s a factor!! out here looking for a little  something..

What it do? sounds are smooth or even bumping; they’re might even be a message in them..

What it do? we stay on the move!! those slumping? we’re not even messing with them..

The message for some? Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson  said It’s Your World..

So what’s up? check out the players and the track son / daughter; I thought I’s tell you; it’s your world!!