The Adventure PT.2

Once again it’s on!! these brothas  just had to break north on another adventure.

What it do?  will lime green safety vests need to be rocked on during this breakbeat scientific venture?

Time seems to slip by; it’s part of the natural process, but dementia or amnesia hasn’t set in yet.

Staying on point;  Aleve or anesthesia for the pain when history repeats?

Alt / shift / deletes from matrix architects await those who are Fast and Furious like the Rock and Vin Diesel.

Caught out here in these streets / the system / matrix we didn’t fake it;  what?  the funk!! we didn’t pump up the volume like Atlanta Falcons but the funk will be dropped by O-Diesel.

…Also known as O-Dog or O-Dizzle;  facing opposition from a foul one!! knowing plans can fizzle out here in Babylon.

We’re out here in the danger zone;  this is the good word dropped by O-Zone.

The hired gun or gatekeeper was a clone;  out here during the reign of terror per the adventure circumvention.

Tired but we kept on running even though it’s lonely out here;  we ignored the so called McGruff crime prevention.

We kept on stunning the naysayers during this adventure!!  but we didn’t put it down like those cats rushing the NSA dressed like women..

We kept on hunting and gathering during this adventure; check out the math we bring during this venture!! we’re not playing!!