That’s Where They Lost Me PT.4 (Thrown Under The Bus)

So what’s up? I was out there paying the price; I saw what it cost me!! plus I was dealing with New England Patriot types so I knew I’d get delayed!!

The whole game is shady / corrupt!! that’s where they lost me!! please!!  dealing with these gamblers out for a fast buck? you’ll get played!!

We were out there riding the bus; it may be MARTA in Atlanta; BART in the Bay Area before they went on strike; or even TARC up in Louisville

May even be Greyhound or the MegaBus; so what’s up with us?  jokers will try to throw us under the bus!! who will stay down? who’ll have heart?  we kept our eye on an American Sniper, so what’s the deal?

How will we respond / get down? O-Dog will bring the sound; O-Zone will bring the Good Word…

Some will get what’s coming to them!! There will be repercussions!! from the percussions and spoken word..

So what’s up with them? they said something about a Freedom Summit in Iowa; please!! jokers like Trump, Cruz and Christie will lie to ya!! lines blurred in the gray area; damn!! the busdriver couldn’t see..

That’s where they  lost me!! we’ll be thrown under the bus!! at the cartel gathering the speech slurred; the scenario? a hater tried to tell you what you couldn’t be..

What occurred? Next Level Dramatics by Drama Kings and Queens; royalty..

Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics?  we realize that there’s no loyalty..

That’s where they lost me; but these fanatics claim they’re on to me and you; We’ll Get Thrown Under The Bus..

The driver couldn’t see us in the Smoke and Mirrors; no justice…

Taking Their Advice; They Told Me Yeah!! Yeah Do That! PT.2

Taking old dude’s advice; he told me Yeah!! Yeah Do That!! Act Like You Knew That!! swing at the pitch even though you might strike out like Prince Fielder!! or get called out on strikes by the umpire…

“It ain’t nothing nice” but Yeah!! Yeah!! Do That!!  So I Act Like I Knew That!! I avoid Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck  and the guns for hire!!

They’re rolling like Hunger Game Peacekeepers while hunger and thirst creeps up on us!! I Admit it; I’m tired!!  but I was told to put pedal to the metal!! told to hold it down to the floor!!  so a brotha keeps rollin..

Rest? please!! there’s no sleep for us so we Proceed and continue!!  Yeah!! We Do That!!  O-Zone will act like he knew that!! I put my heart and soul in!!

Whatcha knowin? Sony e-mails reveal how corporations think; feel me? I feel you!! know whatcha going through!!

Some are Out There!!  like they’re on Mars with the “Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft”  Lost!!  no template!!  so I tell you what I’m going to do!!!

We just got back from Out There!! Now We Bring some funk through; …that’s what we’ll do; Yeah!!….I’ll Do That…

Straight from Pluto / Mars / Saturn!! we even deal with the Uranus Pluto Square but we’re not L7 square!!  the Mothership has landed!! as we Do That!! Do That!!

Act Like We Knew That!! after doing the knowledge/ jumping and recognizing the tracks are jamming!!

Act Like You Knew That!!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed after we spotted some culture slamming!! .

In the lab? dealing with jazz /funk/ hiphop and house music; we’re slamming it all into the melting pot like an old steel mill in Pittsburgh..

O-Dog gets funky like that after taking the elder’s advice;  Yeah!! Yeah We Do That!! word from  a bonafide Blue Collar worker; you heard???


Getting The Gist Of It / Concepts Are Revisited Per The Good Word

Breakbeat science Is Dropped Per These Satellite station transmissions, as we continue to  rock the universe from all angles!! dimensions!! levels!! Check out the THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Getting The Gist Of It / Concepts Are Revisited Per The Good Word.

Circulating / It’s Time For Transition: Going Off / Getting Off On Them

What’s the deal? I Mentioned Moving Targets are hard to hit in a previous episode…

Finish what they started like Republicans trying to shut down the government before they passed the spending bill?  a brotha has reached the threshold…

Let The Truth Be Told!!! that’s what were dedicated to, we had to be bold!! something like this!! like this.!!

Interpret the code in a world so cold; due to the polar vortex the sport is complex;  it’s like this…

This world is Wicked;  an evil one was heard saying It’s like this / it’s like that / and a / and a..

Previous episodes on this blog may have mentioned local, national, international and intergalactic drama…

Too much confusion in this world!!  the rebuttal? O-Dog Is Going Off On Them!!  Once Again!! Once Again..

Winning / Losing;  Like the Los Angeles Lakers whatcha choosin? these brothas are trying to win..

Once Again?  like scientists studying dark matter  O-Dog will dig in the crates!! but it’s Breakbeat Science…

A Brotha Will  Break The Monotony By Dragging Out His Records;  we had to do the math / the science..

Where did you spot me? In Transition / Movin Forward;  at the end of the day? I’m doing what I do…

Spot me in the lab;  sonic smash and grab;  jokers will get smacked with the blackjack!! that’s what it do.

Thawing Out From The Ice Age

Once Again it’s on!! we were intergalactic with it  like Rosetta spacecraft!!  Mystic Voyages were taken!!  but now we’re back…

Intergalactic!!  once frozen!!  mysterious travelers  studying the dark mystery of time and space!  but now we’re back…

Mystery unraveler!!  codes were broken while out in The Ice Age...

*Holla atcha*  check the Intergalactic funk at the O-Dog Podcast after we  felt the rage..

….Acquired during the Critical Stages Of Development similar to the uprise in police brutality!! a by product?

Haters conspired to crush my embellishment;  like John Brennan defending the CIA because of the torture report I watched my conduct…

Haters thought I was corrupt because  your dude was surrounded by crooks…

Guilt by association like a black cop living in two worlds?  they said that’s the way it looks!!

Contribute to the confusion and frustration? damn!!  that’s the way it looks..

#Handupdontshoot  / #Icantbreathe /  winning or losing? now an Ice Age situation is created per your dude thawing out; as the pressure cooks..

Heat cooks the Ice which causes it to thaw out;  is it global warming?

Sonic Assaults  are unleashed as I smack some with the blackjack!! me and O-Dog span the globe brainstorming..