On To The Next

Last episode I was wrapping things up so now I move on to the next.

Writing code,  check out this raw data as I let you know the sport is complex.

Information overload when I come with the next? Some might interpret it that way.

Street code followed to the letter, some can see how I play.

I go back like EPMD in bucket hats spotted young cats at Southlake Mall in Atlanta trying to bring them back.

EPMD also mentioned if it gets too hot? Take off the hot sweater! Somebody tell Mr Rogers per this USA 100 degree weather as I go back.

But I’m also futuristic trying not to go ballistic per this world being in turmoil.

I move on to the next cultivating crops planted in fertile soil.

I move on to the next; toil and strife is expected.

I move on to the next per this first day of August; success is also expected.

Wrapping Things Up

Checked the clock/ calendar: damn!! as I type this July is over with…

Hustle knocks had me chilling out with a brief hiatus; how will I play this? damn!!  July is over with!

Not through dealing!! during the hiatus I  hit you with a ; or maybe two to let you know what it do…

I’m playing this! dropping these good words and slamming beats to let you know what it do…

They’re used to get over it, what? the ongoing madness, due to a restless mind!!

It interrupts the brief hiatus, damn!! nothing sweet about this, it’s an off the hinge kind!

I’m playing this! at the moment wrapping things up at the end of July, with plans to move things forward..

I’m praying about this! strapping things up for my launch in August!! God bless as we all move forward..

Haters will stress a coward, hoping they’ll give up / quit or forfiet!! wrapping things up another way..

We Exercise Power with the higher level of consciousness, check the spiritual evolution per this breakbeat scientific revolution!! a brotha will play it another way…


We’re Back On The Set

We’re back on the set again, I-10 meandering is  over for a minute or two.

We’re back to these normal procedures but the universe will beseech us to do what we do.

Whats that? Mind traveling / mystery unraveling from the #ATL to the #Htown.

History unraveling or unfolding in front of us, chilling in #BatonRouge for a minute or two; tension in the air, but constituents try to play it down.

Feel me? I’m not trying to play around! Dr OZone is all about this breakbeat scientific business.

We’re ready to blast off like Orion spacecraft after stopping by NASA to do the math; feel this.

Real is how we get! That’s the business when we’re back on the set.

Ignoring Donald Trump types at the  RNC, they want to take us back! They want history to repeat.

Plus, alt-shift-delete is the master plan for webmasters plus Matrix Architects..

Plus or minus? where will you find us? caught out there like Ted Cruz, win or lose? we’re all about this culture / art, but a naysayer disrespects…

Your dude disconnects, rolling out on I-10 between Mobile and Houston but I wasn’t cruising for bruising..

Your dude connects, back on the set again, but mobile  with the I-20 business!! we’re still cruising but not for bruising..


The Green Button PT.3 (Go or Reset?)

I played myself / I was caught out there; a punishment glutton?

I went on with my bad self! Now I’m hitting the green button.

…it’s also known as the reset button, or green for go! But that’s what got me in trouble in the first place!

Out here trying to do too much, trying to be all I can be! Trying to get to first place!

Hunger and thirst exhibited in the race like it was #ThrowbackThirstyThursday!

But I’m writing this as part of the #HumpDayExtravaganza so who’ll work with me?

The salt of the earth type dude was considered unworthy, I overcompensated by out working some, blue collar style.

Whats it all worth? I found out it’s all game: the pursuit of a Euro or dollar is foul!

Whats it all worth? I hit the dial or green button like Great Britain leaving the EU.

Whats it all worth? The style was unknown, some mentioned doing the Butt by EU.

I’m through!!!

Excuse Me: Still Begging Your Pardon

You’ll have to excuse me, I beg your  pardon! I just wanted to wax poetic for a minute or two.

The Lord will use me as an instrument now I’m all up in it, let’s see what this poetic justice will do!

Was on board the mothership until lights blinked on the instrument panel so parachutes were deployed.

On one accord with so called derelicts down here on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, a boulevard of broken dreams? Hopes and dreams destroyed?

Oh! The board of directors will erect  more skyscrapers it’s all about a profit! Even the drug dealers on Boulevard in the Old Fourth Ward will tell your that.

Cops aboard motorcycles intercept us per minor infractions scared of the criminal interactions, but for financial transactions some sell out for that.

Ongoing cycles interrupt my thought processes but soon scattered thoughts are collected like bad debt.

Ongoing cycles corrupt the masses: Walter White / Breaking Bad for that!

Ongoing cycles made me conduct seminars and classes with these borderline rants and raves.

Excuse me, I beg your pardon as unconventional wisdom is dropped in these unconventional sermons, sometimes this dude misbehaves.

You Gotta Love It!

Rolling through #ATLtraffic mad about it but then I though: you gotta love it!

Rolling with a fanatic who’s always negative? Trying to rise above it!

Rolling with these mathematics after the internal war: it was rational vs irrational thoughts.

They both have winning moments sometimes combining when I launch Sonic Assaults.

You gotta love it! Even though hell is caught ATLiens say keep it pimping player!

You gotta love it! Dude over on Moreland Ave took that advice, still rocking polyester shirts and slacks from the 70’s plus he had a toothpick in his mouth: a true player.

The ATL police officer a true player ? He had a floss stick in his mouth while directing traffic off of Peachtree Road while his partner was on the phone checking Facebook.

A true player like Lebron James winning championships? In Dekalb County you’re face to face with a crook.

You gotta love it! I took it there because the good weighs more than the bad.

Rise above it! What? Negativity! The good weighs more than the bad!

The Spoiler Alert (It’s Rough Out Here)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s rough out here!

I’m providing the spoiler alert to the ongoing reality show, yes I took it there!

Freedom riding! Chasing the spoils like a pirate? You’ll get hurt during the process!

Good and evil colliding like wrecks on I-285 in Atlanta? Oh yes!

Stop the madness is what we want to say but it’s wishful thinking.

Food chain procedures continue, part of the natural process? Hmm, just thinking.

Fools in pain after the chain of events! Thinking it’s all gravy baby!

Chain of command policies appear to be Shady Like Grady!

Not back by popular demand because I provide this spoiler alert!

Its rough out here in this rat race! Chasing the spoils will get you hurt!

Filling Up This Canvas

Its going down once again this dude  is filling out this canvas.

Somewhat of an artist the arch nemesis started this so I finish it somebody might understand us!

Random thoughts usually fill up the loose leaf but I’m typing this into the cell phone.

Similar to the one used by the driver holding up #ATLtraffic, out of  his hand I’m ready to snatch it once again it’s on!

I understand these survival tactics used by a clone the apparatus has us caught up.

Filling up this canvas per Louisville / Newburg street mathematics based on how I was brought up.

Lessons are taught up in this piece because the madness didn’t cease.

Filling up this canvas? Just a way to be at ease!

The Test Drive Pt.2 (Thumbs Up)

Two thumps up for the test drive it was successful.

The run is up for the arch nemesis on the premises trying to stress a bruh!

They’re running it in the Babylon Wilderness,  it’s hard to deal with that and this.

The vehicle runs good! It’s on! Real with this  breakbeat scientific business.

Maybe my constituents can feel this, systematic procedures have us all coming and going!

Others are ill with it like the Zika virus they conspire against us, make you question what your knowing!

We keep flowing down the stream of consciousness in this new vehicle.

The test drive was successful two thumbs up! Now we can at least act like we knew.

Rootkit – Elevate | 1 HOUR |

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday Night!! We’re checking out some house music from Rootkit with a track called Elevate.  This track has been reconfigured into a  1 HOUR  mix by Pulsar – One Hour EDM  . Check it out!!