Sunday Jazz ; The Jumping and Recognizing Mix


Sunday Jazz Continues…chilling out  in the lab / compound…as we put it down…contemplating / reflecting….might even jump to some conclusions after recognizing the pattern ..per this Jumping and Recognizing Mix…check it out y’all !!

The Jumping and Recognizing Mix.

Caught In A Moment Of Time..The Relocation

Concepts are revisited…but they’re relocated from the Sonic Assault…while I was caught in a moment of time.

Demands were listed or unlisted..those related per Elyjah Marrow and Ice T will get caught up in crime…

I had the gist of it…loved or hated?  astrologers said this New Moon in Cancer aspects Jupiter.

It’s going down as I write this!!  issues aren’t debated.. you can spot me where the light is!!  I just might act brand new with ya.

It’s going down!! like ISIS in Iraq we continue to fight this spiritual warfare ….those waiting in the dark were busy following hunches.

It’s going down!!  now check the ongoing crisis…no payday for Dick Cheney? some are soon paying the price for supposedly free lunches.

I get free and stay free!!  I did the  number crunches when doing this math!! that  helped me keep up with the time.

The clock read 11:11 or 1:11 ….Morris Day or Flavor Flav’s clock were not needed to tell the Time.

O-Dizzle will rock!! plus naysayers like Blogster say O-Zone will misbehave with this good word.

What’s the dizzle? there’s spiritual significance in this operation… danger zone business gets handled during this critical stage of development;  you heard?


I Was On The Same Page PT.2

Check me out… I’m just doing what I do!!  please !! even though we just had the Summer Solstice it’s cold out here!! like  we’re in the Ice Age.

Thats per the polar vortex ….the sport is complex!!  so I’m not on that same page.

Who feels the rage? damn!!  now we’re on the same page!! ..but polar opposites won’t feel the same … but next level dramatics will teach them a lesson.

Bipolar type composites show you how the drama gets!! especially when they start stressing.

A high roller received a blessing like Dick Cheney per Haliburton ….but they won’t get to cash out this time….we’re not going to Iraq...

A deal had been made to let the Sunnis take over…no need to act fake..the game is over…but I was on the same page with those that act like they know…meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock...

Rocking Louisville Cardinal gear in the ATL…whatcha know about the insights dropped by a brotha that specialized in parking lot pimping.?

Rocking!!  even though there’s a Cardinal T-Square per the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014…whatcha know about these things? these  lights shining in the dark are surprising those that thought it was a simple thing.

…Or at least they’re wishing and hoping it was…like Carmelo Anthony opting out of his contract…

…or at least they’re wishing and hoping…somebody might understand me…we were on the same page..spiritual significance in this we make contact.. we bring it back…some thought it was all good but check the deliberate falsehood!! after the episode goes down they might feel the rage. we bring it back..we wrestle with the beast!!  were in revolution mode!! very few are on this same page.


I Self Devine – The Origin Of Urban Crisis

Digital Crate Digging Continues…..I Self Devine with The Origin of Urban Crisis…from the Sound of Low Class Amerika project…science is dropped..check it out…THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: I Self Devine – The Origin Of Urban Crisis.

Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Man?

Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Man?.


Peace on earth and good will towards man; the message from the pontiff at the Vatican!

Spoken on this past Easter and other holidays; whats it all worth? times are hard on the boulevard!! its hard out here for a black man.

…..And a white man; brown man….yellow man…please… its rough all over!!

Sho you right man!! word from Barry White!!! as I listen to Yellowman….as I mellow out man!! forgetting what Dr Phil told me to get over!

Heard the Ohio Players singing its all over!! told home girl to put that suitcase down!!! she’s not leaving town; they wanted her around!

…..But she dipped;  now the Chi-Lites ask have you seen her? dude got played like a clown!

Meanwhile O-Zone enlightens the masses; O-Dog played the sound..check the podcast….its our response to all of this!

…….Check the steady bombardment; as we assault all of this!