How Will We Play It? We’ll Be Laying In The Cut (Part Two)

How will we play it? others loved being in the mix, showing no omission of sensation!! like Trump contesting Georgia’s election they’re acting with reckless abandon..

We’re laying in the cut but I see others were on a mission!! I spotted the instigation!, now fools are being random..

Others also laying in the cut, player playing in the midst of the pandemic; incense burned all up in their Covid bubble during the whisper of wishes. 

How will we play it? we’re also laying in the cut in our own bubble, plus I mentioned bubble wrapping 2020 up; Lessons learned? supposedly the reckoning as the drama revisits.

Some were put in a bag like Robert Palmer mentioned ; you know misery loves company they’ll start a corporation!

Security cameras flicked taking pictures, now those jokers are caught up in their “guilt by association”

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“Vinyl Sessions Vol.6” (A Deep, Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we get this Music Monday set underway…

It’s business as usual on this first Monday of 2021 but we’re trying not to come undone; that’s not how we’re trying to play..

What’s the business? dropping this good word and letting the music play is the is the modus operandi..

That’s whats up with it; not like Trump pressuring Raffensperger corrupt with it!! we oppose the merger, check out what the response will be..

In the midst of the ongoing madness we’re celebrating life setting this O-Dog Day Party off!!

We’re listening to “Vinyl Sessions Vol.6” (A Deep, Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey; check out the playlist and the mix all the way live is how it’ll be!! he’s setting it off!!!

Vinyl Sessions Vol.6:

0:00:00 Tomorrow People by Teflon Dons feat. Gregory Porter

0:05:28 Wake Me (Louie Vega & Joe Claussell Remix) by Incognito

0:12:25 I’ll Take You In (Classic Mix) by Fred Everything & Robert Owens

0:18:15 Cosmic Love by Vick Lavender feat. Angel-A

0:25:54 Africa’s Calling (Shelter Vocal) by Timmy Regisford

0:29:25 Progress (Manoo Remix) by Vince Watson

0:35:02 Afro-LaTeena (Original Mix) by Trilaterals

0:37:41 Spring Summer Feeling (Ron Trent Remix) by Jill Scott

0:45:45 Journey’s Prelude (Nulife Remix) by Elements of Life feat. Ursula Rucker

0:50:00 Elevator (Going Up)’ by Louie Vega Starring Monique Bingham

0:58:14 Heaven (Nightmares on Wax Remix) by The Vision Feat. Andrea Triana

1:03:52 Stand on His Word (DJ Spend’s & Gary Hudgins Remix) by E.O.L great. Jasper Street Co.

1:10:00 Jerusalem (JC Edit) by Bishop Jeff Banks and The Revival Temple Mass Choir

1:16:48 You Can’t Just Smile It Away (Joaquin Joe Claussell Edit) by Bill Withers


Collections / Connections (Part Five)

We’re putting it down on this first Monday morning of 2021; it’s time to get down! 

Christmas and New Years Day have come and gone, so it’s time to get it on; it’s time to get down!

What it is? time to get clowned like Trump making phone calls to Brad Raffensperger

…the Georgia Secretary of State about changing votes; minds changing when I drop these quotes / good word on ya..In 2021? errors will be corrected after external and internal inspections..

We’re on one; now the area is disinfected per the arch nemesis on the premises insurrections..

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Dimitri From Paris – Souvenir De Paris

Sunday Jazz Continues, check these menus; this is out first episode of 2021…

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on aka toil and strife goes on..

But it’s a blessing to be here toil and strife in all; but these jokers will add on layers of chaos / confusion / disenfranchisement..

Jokers will try to steal elections like Trump threatening Georgia plus we’re dealing with the Georgia Senate Runoff; check the latest media campaign advertisement..

The pursuit of the prize will get ugly, somebody already asked me how I’ll play it? 

I told them in 2021 I’m laying in the cut not playing around with the corrupt; what more can I say about it?

Especially since we’re still dealing with this Covid 19, it’s still on the scene per Dr Anthony Fauci even though Trump is in denial..

But your dude is still chilling, on vacation even though the Holiday Season is over!! my mind’s in Paris listening to Dimitri From Paris with Souvenir De Paris; this is what it do..



How Will We Play It? We’ll Be Laying In The Cut (Part One)

2021 is here; it’s a blessing to be here but they said something’s missing..

Come undone? out here struggling like in 2020? no resolution for the solution?

No revolution? The GOP mentions no recognition of the Biden election plus Georgia will determine the country’s direction

An institution will continue to have us stressed? accenting our imperfections.

So how will we play it? avoiding the confusion; take a day at a time, pray and hope for the best..

The illusion is hard for some to deal with like Trump pressuring Georgia to change votes; The Secretary of State is stressed

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