Choose Your Weapons / Poison

This brotha is Armed and Dangerous!!  I carried a Sonic Blackjack while ISIS types were detonating any number of explosive devices!!

Did The Knowledge;  nothing strange about this!! since day one Spiritual Warfare has been going down!!  from The Gaza Strip to Ukraine to even Ferguson peeps are caught up in the crisis!!

Knowing what the price is!!!  I’ve been paying them!! due a rebate or reparation? others flipped out mane!! how were they working it son? oh I’ve seen how some have sold out!!! .

Veteran In The Game!! knowing how it is!!  I waited for items to go on the clearance rack!!  a brotha will hold out!!

Dropping these clearance rack epiphanies while others hold out like GOP 2015 agendas!!  now they want to shut the sport down and lock us out!!!

O-Dog and O-Zone roll out!! that’s the deal with these!! we put the sound down!! .some said we rock out!! .

Rocking out!! rocking it!!  locking it down!! please…O-Dog has the material that’s hazardous!!

Weapons he’s holding? snares, kick drums, samples and white noise!! .

Almost made me lose my poise during Critical Stages Of Development..

But we proceed and continue; we cut the corner on jokers!! we’re turning  pages.!! check out this embellishment!!

Hitting you up with this!! the situation is out of control!!  jokers were detonating explosive devices!! blowing up the spot!!

Similar to ill situations worldwide; from Iraq to Boko Haram in Nigeria jokers will  make it hot!!

Similar to that spot in the hood; down on the block where anything can jump off!!

O-Dog says he has the funky sound!!  using the hip-hop cliche;  It’s About To Jump Off!!

Haters will bump you off;  characters are assassinated per Bill Cosby!!  they’ll  take you out like Bin Laden or have you strung up like they did Saddam…

Sounds bump!! O-Dog goes off!! please!!! check the weapons / poison that he chose!! don’t tell me he’s not jammin!!


It’s Like This! It’s Like This! It’s Like This PT.2

The saga / struggle continues;  like Obama making his own decision on immigration  it’s going down like this!! like this!!

It’s like the crisis in the Gaza Strip!! even though there’s a cease fire the spiritual warfare hasn’t stopped!! we continue to fight this.

A brotha is trying to maintain!! I’m trying not to flip!! the light is at the end of the tunnel;  meanwhile old school smokers light the end of the funnel so they can get lifted.

It’s hotter than July per the Leo sun rays; now it’s August!! soon priorities shifted.

You can be young black and gifted per Aretha Franklin or old school like my buddy from Nigeria.

He was rocking outfits from the motherland!! the native gear.

People were knocking the hustle saying one outfit looked like pajamas that these young cats try to wear in the hood.

He’s not out if it though; science is dropped!! knowing Al Shabaab and Boko Harem were up to no good.

Or are they? what’s they’re perspective?  like over here the rich get richer and the poor poorer;  we only get one side of the story.

…Even though the girls were kidnapped when  freedom fighters relapsed;  common sense collapsed when trying to reclaim their territory?

As the drama unfurls breakbeat science is dropped like this!! like this!! like this!!

A brotha kept it moving!!  while some waited in the dark you can spot me where the light is…

This Is How We Roll

The saga / struggle continues…it’s going down..check out how we roll with this.

It’s going down!! all aspects are covered… from Gemini season with twin tornadoes in Nebraska to the Summer Solstice.

It’s going down!! no disrespect..I’m  not lying to you!! there’s  no reason for the treason!! plus I’m not corny like corn from Nebraska or even Illinois.

..spotted on the way to St Louis on I-64 as I go forth… now like Washington Redskins trademarks some say contracts are  null and void.

Some plotted and schemed like Tea Party members acting brand new with this!!  now like Eric Cantor some will get played like busters and marks..I avoided those jokers.

Some plotted and schemed like Boko Haram or ISIS in Iraq..I avoided those jokers.

…plus I avoided those brokers like Bernie Madoff that were trying to sell an American dream.

…plus I avoided Edward Snowden types trying to tell me about an NSA / American scheme.

I wasn’t trying to roll like that!!  you’ll lose your soul like that!! but some said it’s seems simple.

…soon they’re wishing it was after they feel the buzz!! now some “holla at me” ..they’re heard saying what’s up cuz ? ..that’s when I pimp through.

Soon some are seeing how we do..this is how we roll..breakbeat scientific principles are followed..

Soon some are seeing how others do..seeing how they roll…diabolical like ISIS in Iraq…the doctrine was swallowed..

Bleach and Penicillin / Hazardous Material

I was all up in the spot it; damn!! was I at Grady in AtlantaShands in Jacksonville…or University in Louisville? it smelled like a hospital.

It smelled like bleach and penicillin!! how were jokers living? what are we supposed to do?

O-Zone sailed across the galaxy wildfires like California…hazardous material fueling the mothership? what’s up with it? we’re handling intergalactic business.

Plus I’m dealing with the drama… haters were trying to stop a brotha…you’ll face charges like  Aaron Hernandez..but I know what the deal is… I’m all on top of this.

Donald Sterling types try to rule the world! but not like Nas talked about..this is some other other.

Check the response;  see what were working with per O-Dizzle!! who’s a funky kind of soul brother.

Check the response;  how were some working it? monstrous like Godzilla? old girl pulled out the Lysol and starting spraying.

It was the original fragrance..meanwhile O-Zone spotted flagrant agents!!  he’s hip to the games they’re playing.

The original plan wasn’t vacated!!  opposition was met from Boko Haram types but we didn’t believe the hypes..were putting it down like this !! were not through dealing.

Check out the funk O-Dog dropped…hazardous material? somebody said it smelled like bleach and penicillin.

What’s the deal with them? janitors / custodians never quit or stopped…cleaning up other people’s mess..

What’s the deal? who’ll understand us? independent…we stopped dealing with other people’s stress..