Lee Morgan – Speedball

Sunday Jazz Continues, check these menus!! no telling what Brotha O is listening to from old school jazz / soul /funk music, house music, drum and bass , and he even checked out some hip hop!!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on plus the toil and strife goes on, it doesn’t stop!!

 The struggle is dealt with by weaponizing these sounds while we’re out here on the front lines of spiritual warfare!

Of course it’s accompanied by this good word you heard? that dude O-Zone will take it there…

…now I’m on to some classic jazz from Lee Morgan…with a cut off his Gigilo album called Speedball.

 …..the players? historical, all star players!! on this Sunday afternoon or actually anytime, “this is what’s up y’all”

Check this out at Lee Morgan – Speedball


Freddie Hubbard / Outer Forces

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday, who’ll work with me on another “anything goes” night? you might hear anything!! 

Due to this being a Thankful Thursday and it being a blessing to be here? we were O-Dog Day Partying earlier but we’ve got other work to do, check us out as we do our thing!

Check out these remote outpost musings, we’re back in the lab after being out in those Atlanta streets riding through remnants of Tropical Storm Nicholas but now we’re back with this providing bonus coverage but it’s par for the course!

Checking out  some jazz from Freddie Hubbard with a cut called Outer Forces.
 This is from Mr. Hubbard’s “Blue Spirits” album, recorded at Van Gelder Studio on february 26, 1965.  

This was remastered in 2004, check out the players and the track to catch the score! these cats are going in, they didn’t shuck or jive!

Check this out at Freddie Hubbard / Outer Forces

Weldon Irvine – Cosmic Vortex (Justice Divine)

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! the pilot is “back up in here” steering the mothership…

Stepped outside to get some fresh air, the four walls were closing in due to sheltering in place / social distancing now a brotha is ready to get breakbeat scientific..

Took five thousand steps of a scheduled ten thousand, it’s hard to get there when your “housing” but we’ll make it…

Now back to this sound!! exploring different jazz elements earlier  jazz hopping and jazz dancing / housing earlier but now we’ve got other work to do, keeping it real not fake with it..

Made a break for it now I’m back with it, jazz funking this time!! listening to Weldon Irvine with a track called Cosmic Vortex (Justice Divine)

Not pumping brakes kid!! check the players and the track!! crunk with this thing like back in the day ATLiens “Freakniking”? please!! these players are worried about the cosmic karma due to the sport being complex!!coronavirus some kind of cruel justice? at the end of the day? there’ll be an intervention that’s divine…

Check this out at Weldon Irvine – Cosmic Vortex (Justice Divine)

Duke Pearson – The Phantom

Sunday Jazz Continues, we’re trying to set it off as the calendar shifts over into December…

November was a good month, but it was rough!! a lot of shady dealing going on per the Mid-Term Elections; there will be repercussions, please remember!!

Plus remember;  there will be percussions, that dude O-Dizzle is really going in this month, bringing the Sonic Assault!!

Please remember these discussions as a dude deals with the corruptions; how else was he supposed to respond to the hell that’s caught?

Checking out this smooth track from Duke Pearson  called The Phantom; oh yes!! some of that good soul jazz for a Sunday night or whenever!!

Check out the players and the track son; these cats are jamming!!  oh yes!! it’s some of that good soul jazz for a Sunday night or whenever!!

Nat Adderley -Cantaloupe Island

Sunday Jazz Continues; we’re checking out this classic from Nat Adderley with a song called Cantaloupe Island. Check out the players and the track…


Hank Crawford / You’ve Got It Bad Girl

Digital Crate Digging Continues during Jazz Appreciation Month!! we’re checking out some classic soul jazz music from Hank Crawford  with his version of Stevie Wonder’s  You’ve Got It Bad Girl. Check out the players and the track..